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Old 3rd Nov 2017, 10:57 PM DefaultDCCash problems. #1
Emmett Brown
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Got the remaining EPs/SPs at the steam sale.
Set up registery for CAW with Steam
Couldn't export a world in CAW.
Googled MTS for an answer - I have something corrupt in my DCCash folder.
Followed instructions, got World released!

Question: Is there a way to tell what in my DCCash folder is bad? I tried reloading all the custom content, and I got many failures. If I restore the old DCCash folder, I'm going to have to remove it each time I run CAW, and... I won't have the customer content in my worlds.

Second problem: In this world, I want all the service sims to be plumbots. So, I made a NRAAS porter package of plumbots. They were all nice and sorted out when I packed them. When I unpacked them, they looked like this:

What's worse is I can't click on them so I can pull them apart using NRAAS Debug. Nor can I fix it with a lot rest. There's 17 plumbots there (all the service plumbots from Oasis Landing) but I had the same problem with 8 plumbots.

I need to select them in edit in game to assign them to their service roles.
Any ideas How I can fix my problem with all the plumbots stuck together like stale gummy bears?
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Old 4th Nov 2017, 2:23 PM #2
Ghost sdoj
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I have no idea about the plumbbot issue, other than possibly doing only one, giving it a role, saving, then adding another one and hoping it doesn't end up attached to the first. Which would be a lot of work for 17 of them.

If you have your old dcbackup you might be able to use dashboard on it to get the codes for things that it found that were corrupt. Then see if anybody has identified the code.
Or you could see if everything is fine with the CC you have that isn't causing a failure when you try to reinstall it, and then convert the stuff that caused a failure to a package file and check it with dashboard. Of course, if you have things that shouldn't be converted that can't be reinstalled, you're going to have to either do without them or see if you can get a fresh copy that works. And check DCBackup with dashboard as soon as you install so you know to remove it if it really is bad CC.

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Old 4th Nov 2017, 5:44 PM #3
Emmett Brown
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I've made a mess of it by deleting my DCCash and reinstalling all my custom content. I can't copy my old worlds, apparently it doesn't recognized . Gotta start over.
Old 4th Nov 2017, 6:20 PM #4
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When I had a world not export the instructions I read said move the DC cache to your desktop, not to delete it. I did, the world exported and I put the DC cache back. My game ran perfectly well with the DC cache so there was no need to fiddle with it. If you are trying to reinstall CC with the launcher it should be telling you what items are failing. I use packages for everything I can and have used process monitor to find bad ones when there was a problem.

What do you mean you cannot copy your old worlds? You said you could export from CAW? I know zero about steam, but adding new EPs to a game should not alter a current one, right? I never seen that happen since playing sims. The addition is just done. You should not be losing anything.

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