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Old 10th Oct 2017, 2:30 AM DefaultI'm starting. #76
Test Subject

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Originally Posted by notrose
Long time lurker here, never had the impetus to post. But I've been developing this challenge for several days now and I'm having so much fun playing it that I decided it was worth risking a ban to try and share it. Sorry in advance if I break any rules, MTS mods. In my defense, none of the actions you take aren't already in the game!


In a new game, create a single young adult or adult in a family alone. Lifespan can be whatever you like, although long will make it easier on you, this challenge can take a while. Gender, traits, and aspirations don't matter (although traits like romantic and outgoing will help). Move them into any empty lot (no prebuilt starter houses), and immediately reduce your money to zero with the money cheat. This is your brand new full-service sex worker. Whatever backstory you can dream up is absolutely fine. Mine genuinely enjoys the work.

Next, build a brothel. You heard me right. I've built my own, so if you want to dive right into the challenge, and if enough people ask for it, I'll give you guys my Origin name so you can download it from the gallery (fair warning: it uses a lot of expac content). The brothel must meet the following challenge standards:

  • IT MUST BE A COMMUNITY LOT, either a bar or a nightclub. If you have City Living, it can be a karaoke bar. If you have Get to Work, it can be a shop. If you don't want to build one from scratch, editing an extant Maxis-created lot to meet the specs is fine. Regardless, it must meet all the in-game requirements for its lot type (i.e. if it's a bar, it must have X barstools, Y dining chairs, etc).
  • Either on a second story, in a cellar, or in a back area, THERE MUST BE AT LEAST THREE BEDROOMS WITH DOUBLE BEDS, A COMMUNAL DORMITORY WITH AT LEAST FOUR SINGLE BEDS, A KITCHENETTE, AND A COMMUNAL BATHROOM. The dormitory style is mostly for aesthetics, since sex workers rarely work alone out of a single venue. (However, if you have Get Together, you can absolutely make a club of other sex workers to fill out that communal area.) The area should be out of the way, because the Sims is a utopia and they don't have such vile things like brothels. We are the reason this neighborhood is going downhill. There are no computers, TV's, tablets, bookshelves, etc. allowed in his back room in the first phase, but you are free to use anything in the front business.
  • ALL FURNITURE IN THE BACK ROOM MUST BE OF POOR QUALITY. This is how you get your start, after all, and this is a really awful, seedy place. If anything breaks or gets dirty, it ain't gonna fix/clean itself, get to work.
  • THE TOTAL VALUE OF THE LOT MAY NOT EXCEED 100,000 SIMOLEONS. Like I said, this place is a dump.
  • Advised but not required: a few walk-in closets, party bushes, a hot tub, or other places that facilitate woohoo. I leave it to your discretion and/or what expacs you have.

Welcome to your new home! You cannot leave the lot except under special circumstances, mentioned later. Isn't it everything you always dreamed it would be?

Well, don't just sit there, get to work. You have 0 simoleons and nothing to lose. Your objective is to woohoo with as many people as you can to make as much money as you can. Here are the rules of interaction:

  • Anyone who enters the lot is a potential john. Or jane, if your sim swings that way. They know why they're here: they want to pay for woohoo. Your job is to make them forget that they feel ashamed of that. Ask them about their job, laugh at their terrible jokes, flirt with them, put them at ease. But don't waste too much time, because --
  • You may only woohoo with each individual john once per day. If they return on a different day, it means they just couldn't resist coming back for more, and you may woohoo with them again without any buildup (unless you want the buildup, of course) and take an additional 1000 simoleons.
  • If you have a mod to disable jealousy, you may use it if you're playing on normal mode. Hardmode does not allow you to disable jealousy. Because every stupid, lonely john thinks they're the only one and that you had something special.
  • You may not enter into a relationship with anyone, at all. No boyfriends, girlfriends, fiance(e)s, husbands, or wives.
  • YOU MAY ONLY LEAVE THE LOT IF YOU ARE ASKED ON A DATE. In sex worker parlance, this is called GFE, or girlfriend experience. I am morally obligated to say that you probably shouldn't google it, lest you find the illegal parts of the Internet. Basically, it means a john wants to take you out on a "real" date. THE JOHN MUST ASK YOU OUT (you'll usually get a phone call) YOU CANNOT DO THE ASKING. They know it's not a real date, you know it's not a real date, they know you know it's not a real date. But you have to make them happy, so make sure they have a good time. AFTER EACH DATE, YOU GET 3000 SIMOLEONS (THREE KACHING CHEATS). GFE is pricey, yo! (Note: you may only leave the lot when you're asked on a date, but you do not have to go on every date to which you're invited.)

It took me about two in-game weeks to get to 50,000 simoleons, and let me tell you, there was so much drama, it was great. Speaking of 50,000 simoleons, let's talk about phase two!


Once you have 50,000 simoleons in the bank, you start to realize that you have outgrown this trashy dive bar. You are making bank, and so you set your sights higher. That's right -- build another brothel! But, you know, classier this time.

  • Again, IT MUST BE A COMMUNITY LOT. It can be a lounge or a gym. If you have Spa Day, it can be a spa. If you have Dine Out, it can be a restaurant. As before, you can edit an extant Maxis lot to fit the specs if you prefer. It's still a front for a sex worker ring, but it's a classy sex worker ring now.
  • Again, AT LEAST THREE BEDROOMS WITH DOUBLE BEDS, A COMMUNAL DORMITORY, A KITCHENETTE, AND A COMMUNAL BATHROOM, but this time you can use nicer stuff, and you can have luxury items like computers and TV's in it. It should still be out of the way, though -- after all, no one who comes here wants to see pretty sex workers eat breakfast or watch TV.
  • THE VALUE OF THE LOT MUST NOT BE MORE THAN 300,000. It's nice, but it's not Versailles or anything.
  • You can leave the lot now, if you want. You can start building a home on that empty lot if you want to, but I'd advise pinching your pennies and living in-house, because phase three starts when you reach 200,000 simoleons. Yeah, that's right, it's a three-phase challenge.

The rules of engagement with johns/janes are still the same in the second phase, but now you can charge DOUBLE! So that's 2000 SIMOLEONS (TWO KACHING CHEATS) FOR WOOHOO AND 6000 SIMOLEONS (SIX KACHING CHEATS) FOR A DATE/GFE. You're high-class now. Supply and demand. Something something economics.

Once you get to 200,000 simoleons, you enter phase three, and this phase is probably my favorite.


Your net worth has exceeded the building out of which you work. You are the most in-demand sex worker in the market that you singlehandedly created. Pretenders cower before you. Johns fall at your feet. You are a god/dess among mortals. It is time you worked out of a place more befitting of your stature.

  • As ever, it MUST BE A COMMUNITY LOT, either a museum or a library. If you have City Living, it can be an Arts Center. Or at least, it can be those things on your tax returns. Although to be honest, even though most people do come here for woohoo, more often than not they stay for the collection. You've accrued a refined palate, and an incredible estate that you proudly display.
  • THE LOT CAN BE AS EXPENSIVE AS YOU WANT. Load it the eff up. This is your personal playground. You want a rocket ship? Buy a rocket ship. Who's going to tell you to stop? You own this town.
  • NO MORE COMMUNAL SPACE. You have not only a private room, but an entire suite above the ground floor that you share with no one except the johns privileged enough to share your bed. Furnish it as extravagantly as you want.

The rules of engagement with johns are the same, except now your charge triple. That means YOU GET 3000 SIMOLEONS (THREE KACHING CHEATS) FOR WOOHOO AND 9000 SIMOLEONS (NINE KACHING CHEATS) FOR A DATE/GFE. Quality like you costs money.

In addition to regular woohoo/GFE, you have a new way to make money from johns in phase three: THE OVERNIGHT. An entire night of your undivided attention and, yes, woohoo. Here are the rules:

  • YOU MUST HAVE YOUR OWN HOUSE BUILT ON YOUR ORIGINAL LOT. You cannot use money cheats to build it, you can only use what you have earned from your, ahem, exploits. This is where you will invite the john to start the overnight.
  • YOU MUST INVITE THE JOHN TO STAY THE NIGHT. It's a full service, after all. However, I wouldn't recommend using the interaction "Invite to stay the night" until you're both pretty tired, because the Sims has this weird feature where as soon as you invite them to stay the night, their energy drops like a rock and they autonomously go to sleep. Save it for the end. Once they leave the next morning, it's officially over.
  • YOU CAN ONLY OVERNIGHT ONCE PER DAY. That is why it's called an overnight.
  • YOU MUST WOOHOO WITH THE JOHN THREE TIMES BEFORE THEY LEAVE. You can do them spaced apart or in rapid succession.

Every overnight earns you a whopping 50,000 simoleons (one motherlode cheat).

And of course, the ultimate objective: money. WHEN YOU HAVE A NET WORTH OF 1,000,000 SIMOLEONS, YOU WIN!

A few other things to consider for this challenge, in no particular order:

  • If you have Get Together, consider making a club for a few other sex workers, with your current lot as the base. You can have woohoo as an official club activity! It adds a fun layer of realism and, occasionally, drama! You can also integrate this on the lots, making the communal dormitories/bathrooms behind club-members-only doors.
  • I would not recommend ever trying for baby, because oh my god can you even imagine, but if you have the Master Command Woohooer mod from SexySims, one thing that might spice things up is a risky woohoo pregnancy rate of 1%. Drama!!!!!
  • Leveling up charisma is SO USEFUL in this challenge. At level 7, my sim was able to seduce and woohoo with johns within one sim-hour of meeting them.
  • If you do this challenge let me know! I am amped as all heck to hear what others come up with!!
  • If you do end up beating the challenge, maybe consider having your main character have a kid to take over the family business one day!

I love this! Archer, my lowkey sim crush, would be perfect
Old 16th Oct 2017, 3:48 AM #77
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So...uh...I posted on here a while ago...and then completely forgot to do anything with this challenge...but that's okay! The vampire brothel is happening, gerddernit! I like the idea of sim Salvatore running around shirtless too much for that not to happen...XD
It's also really fun to see what people do with this challenge and where they go with it, and I'm glad it's still going strong!
Old 29th Dec 2017, 5:31 AM #78
Original Poster

Test Subject

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With a new expansion to play with, I decided to design a new third-stage brothel. I bent my own rules and made it a "country club" instead of a museum/library/arts center (read: it's a lounge). But whatever.

Welcome to Rosenhardt Country Club. Membership is 10,000 simoleons per month. Access to the courtesan is per visit, and if you have to ask how much, you can't afford it.

Here at Rosenhardt, we spare no expense to make your stay as comfortable and decadent as possible. Members have access to a free swim pool, open bar, sauna facilities, and daily entertainment.

As a gratis service, members also have access to any of the three serviced, private rooms. Per appointment, members also have access to the courtesan en residence.

This lot is in the gallery. Just look up Rosenhardt or simdarkly.
Old 31st Dec 2017, 3:02 AM DefaultCan you please upload the lot to the gallery? #79
Test Subject

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Originally Posted by notrose
Here are some pictures of my starter brothel to get some ideas flowing. This is based on one I did a while ago, updated with some content from City Living. Gotta love those billboards!

An external shot. Two stories, three if you count the basement. I built it to mesh in well on the empty spot in Magnolia Promenade. It's appropriately named the Magnolia Street Cathouse, your local neighborhood bar and definitely not a money laundering scheme for a sex worker ring.

A close-up of the front. I modeled these front windows off some of the famous Amsterdam brothels, where girls pose in the windows. I had to briefly change it to a shop and have my sim buy it in live mode to edit the poses and outfits of the mannequins. Once they were done I changed it back to a bar.

A shot of the main area in the ground floor. I don't know what it is about Clara Bjergsen, but whenever I've run this challenge, she is always here. Even when my Sim is presently getting railed by her husband in a closet. I'm guessing she's into some freaky stuff.

The upper level, with its three, let's call them "private event rooms" on our taxes, a dance floor to warm up the johns, and the balcony overlooking the dining area. But wait, what's that yellow door there?

It's the Sparkling Diamond lounge and dormitory! The Sparkling Diamonds are the in-game club name for my sex worker, Evangeline, and her sisters from other misters. It's not much, but it's home. Grody, dingy home.

Another exterior shot. Did I mention that this lot is right next to a playground? I'm more OK with it than I thought I would be.

Hope this gave you guys some ideas in building! I can upload it to the gallery if you want.

I would love if you uploaded this lot
Old 1st Jan 2018, 1:11 PM #80
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Loving this - but am using wicked whims mod with it
Old 3rd Jan 2018, 5:55 AM #81
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Totally want to try this, but like the person above said (H20), Wicked whims will can make it more spicy haha
Old 17th Jan 2018, 4:30 PM #82
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I tried this, using Wicked Whims with it, and it works, as my Working Girl never gets turned down. However, sometimes her visitors use the spare bedroom, so I make sure they pay for the privilege! Because of this, she is raking in the simoleons and will soon be able to move to a better brothel! I am really enjoying this challenge!
Old 17th Jan 2018, 7:48 PM #83
Test Subject

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There is a woohoo for money mod that I've been using instead of cheats, You don't get anything over $500 most of the time so it's a bit more realistic I guess lol
Old 10th Feb 2018, 8:41 PM Defaulthouse 1 #84
Test Subject

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Started the challenge today using an abandoned house found on TSR, Made the living room into a small bar and the dormitory downstairs. Found the Wicked Worker mod on Sexy Sims and it seems to fit.
Click image for larger version

Name:  02-10-18_9-12-43*AM.jpg
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Old 14th Feb 2018, 8:28 PM #85
Test Subject

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Honestly didn't expect to see this. I'm LMAO. The sims get weirder and weirder every day! XD
Old 16th Feb 2018, 2:22 PM #86
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