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Old 17th Aug 2009, 7:59 PM DefaultSims 3 New Tutorials and Tools- August 17, 2009 #1
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Modding tutorials
There are two new modding tutorials this week: A mini-tutorial by Srikandi regarding linking stairs, railings and fences and a tutorial by Kolipoki about object modding. You can find them in the modding section of the Wiki

Building Tutorials
A really wonderful tutorial has been added to the Wiki. It is not just for Sims 3, it also can be used for Sims 2.
Building Great Realistic Houses From the Ground Up.
There are also a two new misc. building tutorials. One titled Manipulating Fireplaces by Nichaedemus and the other titled
1001 Things You Can Do With Move_Objects. Both can be found in the building tutorial section of the Wiki.

Meshing Tutorials
Wes Howe has been kind enough to allow the inclusion, in the Wiki, of his wonderful TS3 meshing tutorials.
3D Meshing 1-7.
DeluxeDesigns has also added a Meshing tutorial- Meshing Objects in TS3 .

Check back every week for new updates.

Changes? Updates?
If you know of any additional tools or tutorials, or added functionality or changes to existing tools/tutorials, please post in the latest Modding News thread so it can be added to the page and mentioned in next week's post.

Thanks to Daluved1 and HP for help in finding new tutorials.

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