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Old 26th Jan 2018, 2:14 AM Major Texture Malfunction #1
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I accidentally deleted a texture I'd been using and didn't realize until it was too late, so I had to re-apply it from scratch. I deleted some of my textures and renamed some others. After I did this, I noted two different textures weren't rendering correctly up close, turning a very light tan color (they were fine from a distance). When I ran edit-in-game, the two textures rendered properly, but the rest of the terrain would turn black. When I exited edit-in-game, I found that all of my lots had turned that same light tan color unless you zoom in really close. I reloaded create-a-world, but the lots remain that weird color. This represents quite a lot of work and I'm worrying, so if anyone can tell me what's wrong and how to fix it, I'd be grateful.

Update: I've made some interesting observations. If I delete a lot, and then undo the deletion, the stupid dirt color goes away. But now I'm having trouble finding the lots in world layers window. It says I have less than twenty when I should have dozens.

Update: The lots reappear on my Lot Layer when I delete and undo-delete them in addition to fixing the textures. So the evident problems seemed to have been corrected, and that's great, but my concern right now is that these issues were symptomatic of a more meaningful error that could cause fatal problems in the future.
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