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Old 28th Jun 2017, 2:31 PM DefaultWater issues in Create a World #1
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Sometimes when I loaded my world in EIG the water would look green and murky when it should have been the normal blue. When this would happen I would reload it and it would be fine. I thought it may have been an error where I've accidentally placed one of those things that sets a body of water to a lake or river or whatever it was but I couldn't find any instance of it so I just brushed it off and whenever it would happen (which was incredibly rare) I would just restart EIG and think nothing of it. However, now that I've exported the world (still not finished yet) just to look for any issues when playing with sims, and loaded it up in game a few times, the water has come up green and murky which really deteriorates the look of the world.

When looking at the borders of the world I can see that it splits into 2 sections, where the world is, which has led me to believe that it may be an issue with the water level as it looks like when the ground is too high under the water so the green is still visible.

Now, like I said, this very rarely happens but is still incredibly annoying when it does, so any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks
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Old 24th Aug 2017, 11:09 PM #2

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I've noticed if you adjust the water level just a bit it will go back to normal looking water.
Old 24th Aug 2017, 11:20 PM #3
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Are you using any custom sea/ sky/ weather parameters for this world? EIG chooses random weather files to use when it loads, so sometimes it will be foggy, sometimes sunny, sometimes overcast. It looks as though your fog settings are causing the water to look transparent- setting the fog distance to high will make the water completely transparent, so showing through the base texture.
Old 25th Aug 2017, 12:01 AM #4

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I created some new worlds and had this issue for the first time. I will play with the fog settings. Thanks for the tip.

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