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Old 21st Oct 2017, 5:53 PM #4401
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I've had several witch/warlock sims and they're rather inconsistent in their grand entrances - most of the time they fly in, but oddly enough, without the dreaded LAG, though sometimes they just walk in and out of the lot. Maybe they ran out of broom fuel.

The Head Witches are the Harbingers of LAG (emphasis always needed), but why, oh why, do they Magivestigium themselves in their respective fortresses? I'm so tempted to mod them to do the same everywhere.

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Old 21st Oct 2017, 6:22 PM #4402

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Originally Posted by RoxEllen1965
Is the hostess really mean? Sometimes sims in my game with a very low Nice/Mean rating will do that.


What's interesting was she cackled after she hung up on somebody, so who knows what fabricated story she came up with. I wouldn't hire any employee in a restaurant if I knew they were dishonest.

I can check by making her selectable, but if she really is mean, then that's a first for me. Again, since I'm not familiar with very crude Sims, the only behaviors I've witnessed are when they cheat at chess, when they always look impatient in the middle of a conversation, and when sometimes they appear pissed for no reason. Oh, and other Sims yelling at them because their reputation has hit rock bottom.

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Old 21st Oct 2017, 11:17 PM #4403

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Maybe not so much something I discovered while "playing" the game as such, but "English UK" has become my new magic go-to for fixing all sorts of weird "not showing up properly" garbage on CC in my game. So far it's been working extremely well for stubborn and annoying custom foods; now I just need to see if it will also work for deco objects...

On a related note, I also discovered that "English UK" is an entirely different language from "English." Who knew?
Old Yesterday, 12:25 AM #4404
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Today I had a townie Sim call my Sim and say something along the lines of, "Hi, I'm Amin. I heard my friend had a great time with you on an outing. Do you want to go downtown with me now?" Amin now appears in my Sim's relationship panel with a slightly greyed-out icon, and is described as "contact."

Funny how you can play this game for years and still have it throw out something new.
Old Yesterday, 12:50 AM #4405

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It's actually a light blue overlay that gradually disappears as a timer runs out (similar to the red one for the "furious" state). They should have used a color that's easier to see. You have a boosted relationship with the "contact" until the timer runs out and it will be easier to make friends with him/her. They also count as temporary friends for influence and job promotion purposes. If you haven't reached friend status with the contact before the timer runs out, the relationship drops back to what it was and the game no longer counts them as friends for job and influence purposes.

(Prima Guide page 112-113)

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Old Yesterday, 12:59 AM #4406
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I discovered that while placing over 100 neon lights on a lot, your game tends to crash quite easily.

Did I really say that?
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Old Yesterday, 3:48 AM #4407
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Most of the time, using Fix > Tan & Burns on the batbox can fix the miscoloured faces that happen when you have a default replacement skin.

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It doesn't matter how hard it rains, he's still able to see the stars.


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