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Old 16th Sep 2017, 4:07 AM DefaultWindSpeed. ini - how do you adjust tree and wind gusts in your world #1
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Hi everyone!

FYI: working to create a custom Flythrough... now that's a real pain!!!


This is the particular animal I'm trying to figure out - controlling the intensity, duration, and wind speed within your custom world.

The controls within WindSpeed.ini are as follows:

NumWindMatricesAndLeafAngles 3 3
WindResponseAndLimit 0.6 0.002
MaxBendAngle 60
BranchExponent 3
LeafExponent 1
GustStrengthFreqDuration 15.03 0.06 1
BranchOscillationX_LaLsHaHs 1 1.5 6 6
BranchOscillationY_LaLsHaHs 2.5 1 5 3
LeafRocking_LaLsHaHs 4 1 8 2
LeafRustling_LaLsHaHs 2 1 3 2

I'd like to know the settings for all of the above... control the movement of leaves & branches of trees... and wind gusts!
With GustStrengthFreqDuration What do the number parameters mean?

Is it 15.03 ... 0.06... and 1 ? in the above reference?
If I have the parameters correct (there are three of them) what does each parameter do?

Anyone have information on this particular control?

Old 17th Sep 2017, 2:27 PM #2
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I can't help on the windspeed question as I've never modded that. But for the flythrough, this should help:

Section jump:

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