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Old 25th Oct 2017, 12:54 AM DefaultMod Conflict for MAC #1
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Hello My name is Ronya I wanted to know how I could get access to the mod conflictor for Mac it seems the thread is closed can I message some one for it because its is very trying going through all my cc to try and find a problem I am getting to the point where I just want to delete all my cc and start over any one have any ideas?
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The mod conflict detector for the Mac was the result of someone hacking my account about a year ago after I had long before abandoned the game. It was not a valid program and contained malware or a virus, so obviously that file is no longer available! I do not know if someone somewhere else has created a legitimate version, but to the best of my knowledge nothing is available.

Not sure if I'll be updating the program for Windows (or even whether I will be updating ANYTHING). I've just reinstalled the game today after about two years and I may just find it completely boring again in another week.

In any case, I don't have any access to a Mac to be able to rewrite it for that platform. If I do update it at some point the source code would be made available for someone with a Mac to be able to write a similar version. And, as always, if someone wants to purchase a Mac computer for me I'd be perfectly willing to write a version for the Mac!

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