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Old 27th Aug 2017, 1:23 AM Defaultproblem placing ports in some places in world #1
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This so odd. I am working on a world with star shaped islands. See feedback thread. The height levels of the 4 small islands and the outer edge of the main one are the same height. In some places I can place ports and in some not as the pier will not connect to the land. On those lots I cannot change the elevation at all and get a max height error no matter if trying to go up or down. I have added a pond on one lot on one of the islands that is the same height. So there was zero problem sculpting terrain there.

I thought maybe as stars I had to use the smooth sides and not the ragged ones? But I have tried both on one island and cannot do it. On an identical island I was able to place a port.

There is no consistency. Any ideas why some places work and others do not?

Some pics which may help:


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