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Old 12th Feb 2018, 7:58 PM DefaultHow do you make CC-creating sound fancy and professional #1
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I'm in need of some good ideas and no one I know could help me out so far. So I thought this is probably the place where people get what I mean. (I hope this is the right section.)
Someone... most definitely not me... uhm, a friend of mine *cough* is writing an application right now (apprenticeship at a furniture store, visual marketing). Spatial sense and imagination are pretty important for that. Now I know better than to put into an application that I like to furnish virtual doll houses. The creating, however... I mean, you got a program that has a lot of numbers and text strings, maybe a texture image, and you're editing 3D things without seeing them or the room they'll be used in.
The part where advice is needed: How the hell to say that without sounding like an idiot who puts stuff into pixel houses? Any ideas? Half of an idea? Silly ideas? Anything?
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Turquoise Dragon

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You work with digital art and design
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Ooh, that's better than the one I had!

"Death cannot stop true love; all it can do is delay it for awhile."
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You work with 3D rendering and interactive programming on projects intended for public consumption.

(maybe include the design programs you use, if they're something recognized outside the Sims community...)

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Don Babilon
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Hm, a friend of mine is currently a student at a rather prestigious architecture school, and in her application she made the point that she'd been building houses for The Sims 2 since she was a child. I don't know whether this really helped her application but it didn't hurt it either in any case as she got the place without any further tests.
If I were to be your your friend's employer I'd be a fool if I ignored your your friend's The Sims experience because it provides you your friend with a sense of space, proportion, colour combinations and the ability to develop designs in a virtual environment; a familiarity with reading floor plans and some basic ideas about spatial efficiency come as additional bonuses and I guess you your friend would be more flexible than others when it comes to adapting to your your friend's future customers' varying ideas of style because you have your friend has been playing through that scenario for years already.

ETA: I would probably not submit the coffin design in my application if your friend does similar things like you, however.
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dodgy builder

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Most people haven't got a clue. When I meet "normal" people, I often say I make houses other people use in their games. Some people is still just standing there like a questionmark and say "...but,but" It can be rather amusing, and It's amazing how big the world of virtuality really is. I'm going to school now learning to be a 3D generalist, and to explain what I can do, I often say I can make Titanic for films, because they can't sink Titanic.
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You guys are good at this

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