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Old 13th May 2018, 2:35 AM #526
Test Subject

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Just a quick update. I don't know if anyone is still doing this challenge, but since my Sim is a single mom, I thought I'd explain an issue with "baby daddies." I'm sure it's probably the same way with mothers. Anyway, the child's father will show up unannounced and won't leave. He came over 24 hours ago in Sim time and stayed overnight and even slept in my Sim's bed (WTF)! What I did was choose my Sim and tell her to "Ask to just be friends." It worked and now I could tell him goodbye. I think that's slightly annoying, though. The whole point of being a single parent in the game is to not have the other parent come over when they damn well please. This also works in case you don't want to kill them or lock your front door (which I didn't want to do).

EDIT (5/12/18): So that didn't work. I was just reading that it's a bug that has to do with toddlers being able to ask a certain parent to be a caregiver. I think this came with the Parenthood pack, so if you don't have it, it probably won't be a problem. I was reading that it doesn't happen with children. I will just wait for Collin to age up and see what happens. I will post another update then.

EDIT (5/12/18): Collin aged up and the father isn't coming around anymore, so that's what it was. Also, Morgan had her second child and it was a boy named Curtis. Just 3 more! Yay!

EDIT (5/13/18): Morgan just gave birth to her third child, a girl, named Lilliana.

EDIT (5/16/18): Morgan just had her fourth child, a boy, named Austin. Collin is a teenager and he's pretty responsible, but disgusting. Lol. Curtis is a child with 5 days before he becomes a teen. He's an angel, really. Likes to clean up around the house and do his homework. Lilliana is a child with 9 days left of the child stage. Just one more baby to go! And this is hard! With Collin being a slob, the shower leaks every time he takes one, and the kids or the mother are constantly cleaning up after him. Plus, having this many Sims in the household, with ONE bathroom, everything freaking breaks!

EDIT (5/17/18): Morgan had her fifth and final child, a boy, named Andrew. Collin is 2 days from becoming a young adult, Curtis is aging up to a teen today, Lilliana has 4 days until she’s a teen, and Austin is a toddler. I think he has 4 or 5 days before he ages up. Also, I haven’t killed anyone yet.
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I started a new random legacy.

Old 18th May 2018, 4:43 AM #528
Test Subject

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Originally Posted by melanch0lydreams
I started a new random legacy.


I hope you keep up with this! It’s really good so far.

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