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Old 25th Jul 2018, 8:27 PM DefaultCompton Random Legacy Challenge #551
Test Subject

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I've tried this challenge once before- I think I got to Gen 3 before I lost all my roll data and had to start over.

Though I've had this family since last April, after a lengthy hiatus I finally hit Gen 4! I'll also be using Stormy Gamez's rolls from Gen 5 out, as I already rolled parameters for Gen 4 before I found out about her site.


GEN 1 | Heir- Monique Compton, Spouse- Amir Compton, Children- Lex (adopted), Kian, Landen (adopted), Amara

A: Couple
B: 4 children
C: Secret Agent (Diamond Agent) (the only normal career I've had this entire time. should've enjoyed it while it lasted hahaha)
D: Career Hopper. I rolled Scientist, Critic- Food Critic, Tech Guru- Start-up Entrepeneur, Tech Guru- eSport Gamer, and Business- Investor
E: Dependable
F: Hands Off! (this suuuuuuuuuucked) (especially with 4 kids)

GEN 2 | Heir- Kian Compton, Spouse- Briana Bheeda, Children- Rez, Lucille (adopted), Jazlyn (adopted), Kristin

A: Mixed Couple
B: 4 children (again??)
C: Scientist (he maxed out on this one too, we went to sixam and everything! it was pretty rad ngl)
D: Career Hopper. (yes, again) I rolled Scientist, Critic- Art Critic, Writer- Author, Athlete- Pro Athlete, and Painter- Master Of The Real
E: Themed Display (for this one I had him do a "People, Places, and Elements" theme. he took a ton of pics until they were perfect and I had him collect MySims figurines, as well as ore element samples from work. I'll have to see if I can find a pic of the end result)
F: Health Nut (this one wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but at least it made the question "what do you want for dinner" a hell of a lot easier hahaha)

GEN 3 | Heir- Kristin Compton, Children- Alexandria (adopted), Ulises, Cats- Pickles, Patches (Cat Offspring- Taco, Bella)

A: Mixed Single
B: 2 children (a reprieve! whew)
C: Retail Owner (uggghhhhh. my least favorite career. I had her selling baked goods from a basic counter that never gave me any real profit. it blew so hard. the last time I did this challenge, I at least had a spouse living with me so I could make ends meet, but in a single? ridiculous)
D: N/A
E: Best Club Ever (here's how I was able to have this generation survive. the club's name was "Every Villain Is Limes". I got them a lil hangout in windenburg and all the perks and whatnot. I'd have them go to the hangout at least once a week, but they spent a lot of time at my house, which happened to have about 7 or 8 easels. made my activities include painting, cooking, cleaning, and fixing things. max creative vibe, max focused vibe. extra skill gains in cooking, baking, and painting. chores were always done, we never spent money on food, and I could sell the paintings for a profit- all while my fearless leader sat back on her lazy trait ass and watched TV. iconic.)
F: Half-Siblings (i rolled mixed anyways, so this was ridiculously easy to accomplish)

GEN 4 | Heir- Ulises Compton, Spouse- Araceli Newby

A: Couple
B: 1 child
C: Restauranteur
D: Freelance Painter
E: Idle Careers (nooooooooooooooo nope nope nope I am not a fan of this sam I am)
F: Vacationer (now that the jungle expansion's out I'm SUPER stoked for this! though I don't think my sims' bank account is on the same page haha)
Old 25th Jul 2018, 10:49 PM #552
Test Subject

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Naturina, yeah, it really is pretty great xD I like playing with it when I'm bored and just make the family stories on my mind xD like that criminal boss who aparently is a Do-gooder xD

faulflix, welcome! I hope you have a good time with this challenge, and yeah, that gen 1 doesn't look easy xD but at least the older kids will be able to help with the house, that always saves me a little stress on the 100 babies challenge xD

DiAllliStar, wow, it seems you`re not having it easy, really retail owner can be pretty hard, specially on early gens xD I actually rolled that one for my spouse on gen 1 and really...it wasn't great so he ended up as a stay-home dad xD at least he helped a lot with the kids ...I hope things go well with your gen 4! at least freelance painters get a lot of money, and even with idle careers should be ok with the Painter extraordinary aspitation

And on a small update with my family, I finally had time to play a little more and Bruno grew up to toddler, he's adorable! I wasn't expecting the brigth red hair and I definitely don't complain about it xD Also, Anthony's "girlfriend" is now pregnant having the second kid needed for the roll...and the third we didn't need, she's having twin boys xD (checked with MCCC) the thing is, since both of Anthony's parents completed the Bodybouilder aspiration they're not gonna die soon, and with the helpers + the surprise baby they had who just turned adolescent...I only have room for one baby on the family xDD I'm not sure what to do, it would feel weird to let one of the twins with their mother and just taking the other one xD too much Parent trap for me (?

Anyway, since Bruno is a toddler I rolled for his parameters to know which traits give him and all that, so he got...
- Couple
- 2 children (and I really hope having just 2 this time, no surprises!)
- Convencional career - Detective
- Unconvencional career - Freelance musician
. Haunted House
. Mischief managed

this sounds really interesting actually Haunted house was one of the roles I was most excited to try since I don't play a lot with ghost, and it's been a while since I played with the musical aspiration! also, it sounds like Bruno's gonna be a 'bad cop' and I'm loving that idea xD
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Old 3rd Aug 2018, 3:47 PM #553
Lab Assistant

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@everyone I updated the rolls. I'm sorry that I've been so bad about adding Seasons stuff to it. With the whole divorce, I've just been kinda scattered and keep forgetting. I also didn't realize that I won't get pinged when someone mentions me on this thread. Again, messaging me here or on Twitter (StormyDayzGamez) or just commenting on the blog pages like some people have been doing is a lot easier if you have a suggestion. I also added something regarding scouts that someone suggested. Thanks all!

@BigMud Thanks for the suggestion. I added it to misc fun with credit to you.

@Salemsvartulv As far as I know, there aren't any rolls that force the family to continue a goal through the entire legacy. One of the things I've always liked about this challenge is the fact that once we've completed the generational goal or started the next generation it's over. I can add creating a legacy-long holiday as a suggestion to the regular rules page but it feels too overbearing to add it to rolls. Also, if a person was interested in doing such they might go through their entire legacy without ever rolling that even if they really want it. Thanks for the suggestion, I think it's been a long time since anything's been added to the rules and not the rolls!

Sims Blog: Stormy Dayz Gamez
Old 8th Aug 2018, 12:52 AM #554
Test Subject

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So here are my rules:
Single with 2 helpers

3 children



Weekly diner

So do i start with 0 funds? Do I have to get married or can I just adopt all 3 kids?
Old 8th Aug 2018, 5:57 AM #555
Test Subject

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Originally Posted by lazyunicorn
So here are my rules:
Single with 2 helpers

3 children



Weekly diner

So do i start with 0 funds? Do I have to get married or can I just adopt all 3 kids?

You start with the starting funds from the game. Good times!

Do NOT get married. You can adopt any or all three of the kids. You can Try for Baby, even with the same partner for all three, but the partner can NOT marry you, and they can not move in. (They have a tendency to invite themselves over to your place and try to help out, but this should be discouraged). I'm pretty sure you can roll for secondary careers for your two helpers - that should help with the income situation.

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