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Old 29th Dec 2017, 8:09 PM DefaultThe Sims 4 Evil to Good Challenge #1
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It wasn't until you hit your teenage years that you began to feel... different. Too many people hurt you, too many times were you betrayed by "friends" and treated like garbage. When you turned sixteen, you started feeling more evil urges. Other people's pain started to make you happy, people with good hearts made you sick, and you couldn't find it within yourself to be nice to others.

That was, until a very special individual made their way to your doorstep and became a part of your home.


This challenge is somewhat similar to a Beauty and the Beast challenge with a twist. I didn't decide to write this challenge until after I finished a similar "story" I was playing with Vladislaus Straud and an OC of mine, but once I finished the story I realized that this might actually be quite fun and wanted to share!

So now, without further ado...

Evil to Good Challenge

For Starters
1. Make a household with at least two Sims for your main characters. Make one Sim as hideous as possible, with the "Evil" trait and two other negative traits. Make the other Sim any way you like, but they cannot have any traits like "Evil", "Hates Children", or "Mean". Make sure that their relationship is set to "roommates".
2. If you like, you may add more Sims to the household. In my game, I had a servant living in the household as well as a cat.
3. Move your Sims into any house you would like. You may use cheats if you like because money isn't an issue. If you want the challenge to be more difficult, you don't have to use money cheats.
4. Once your Sims are all moved in, have your two main characters fight or use cheats until they are enemies. Over the course of the challenge, this will change.
5. Now you're ready to play!

(Side note: from now on, since the challenge is very much like "Beauty and the Beast", I will refer to the evil Sim as Beast and the other Sim as Beauty.)

1. This challenge MUST be completed within one Sim week, but you don't have to turn on any specific aging settings.
2. Your Sims CANNOT leave the neighborhood they are currently living in unless prompted to. For socialization, they will have to interact with each other or interact with people who are walking around.
3. You MAY NOT use cheats to fulfill needs.
4. Obviously, you MAY NOT use cheats to increase relationships.
5. You may not change the appearance of Beast unless prompted to do so.
6. You may only control Beast. For the other Sim(s) in the household, they will have to fend for themselves.
7. Each day, Beast can only interact with other Sims a total of 10 times. Not 10 interactions per Sim, but 10 interactions in TOTAL. The rest of the day will be spent caring for oneself, skill building, or working.

How to Play
The progression of the challenge is based on milestones that you complete. Each milestone has a reward, such as changing something about Beast or gaining more interactions, and most milestones can be completed more than once. The milestones are...

Perform "Friendly Introduction" on 5 Sims ~ Change one facial feature on Beast.

Improve one skill by five levels ~ Increase your interactions from 10 to 15 for the following day.

Max out one skill ~ Increase your total interactions by 5 for each day from now on.

Improve Beast's relationship with Beauty by one full level (enemies --> acquaintances, acquaintances --> friends, etc.) ~ Change ONE physical feature of your choice on Beast.

Perform 10 nice actions in a row ~ Change Beast's hair (facial hair as well).

Send Beast to volunteer 5 times (if you don't have the Parenthood pack, have Beast perform "Brighten Day" on fifteen other Sims) ~ Change one negative trait about Beast; do NOT change the "Evil" trait.

Perform "Apologize" on another Sim after being mean ~ Go on a group outing or date with Beauty to the place of your choice.

Hug or embrace Beauty three times ~ Change Beast's outfit.

Become friends with 3 Sims ~ You may now travel anywhere you like in the world outside of your immediate neighborhood.

Host a gold-level party (during the party you may interact as much as you like with no restrictions ~ Increase your total interactions by 5 for each day from now on.

Become best friends with Beauty ~ Replace the "Evil" trait with the trait of your choice!

If you manage to complete all of the above milestones before the week is over, then you've successfully completed the challenge!! After this, feel free to do whatever you want with your two Sims; have them get married, or have a family, or even go back to hating each other again! The choice, my friend, is yours.

Feel free to post pictures of your journey in this thread. I would love to see your progress!

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