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Old 5th Feb 2015, 11:03 PM DefaultThe Mixed Emotions Challenge! #1
Highborn Simmer
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The Mixed Emotions Challenge

This challenge is about 3 sims, who deeply revolve around one emotion. This is also my second challenge, my first being The “off the grid” challenge. Each of the sims will be customized to represent their emotion. The 3 emotions will be Sad, Happy, and Angry. The Happy sim is also very active, lol.

*I used spoilers for the custom goals, so it wouldn't be too long!


Complete all 3 of the customized aspirations. You fail this challenge if a sim dies before they complete their aspiration.


-If your sim is near death you may use cow plant milk or a potion of youth to help. If you don’t have that then you’re out of luck! >:D

-The emotions may interact with each other, but cannot be friends. (Their emotions go against each other.)

-Give the sims traits that would go with their emotions, not traits that would give you an advantage over other people.

-You may pursue your sims CAS aspiration once you have finished the one I created.

-The Angry sim may take on the criminal job, and the Happy sim should take on the athletic career. The sad sim may not have a job, no boss likes crybabies :P.

-At the end of the custom aspirations you may reward yourself since I cannot create trait mods. Simply download a satisfaction cheat mod, and give yourself 5000 satisfaction for each aspiration completed.


-Create 3 sims revolving around the Happy, Sad, and Angry emotions.

-Chose a CAS aspiration that relates to the sim. (Mean would most likely pick Public Enemy) This will only be used for the trait. Do not follow this aspiration until you have finished the one I created!!!

-Create a house with the needs for each sim. Customize their room to the way you see fits. They must all have separate rooms, and you may add extra rooms. (Ex: A gym for Happy)

-You are allowed to use cheats for the house only, if you'd like a more interesting challenge or prefer not to you can go without them.

Custom Aspirations:


Once you have finished all of their aspirations, you may use their children to continue the challenge taking on the same or different emotions from their parent. If you’d like me to make another custom set of aspirations then comment below. By the time you get bored you could have generations of emotions! Maybe if we get more trait mods I’ll make a Mixed Emotion Challenge 2 I will also be testing this as you guys try it, just for fun! Also comment anything that should be changed, and your feedback!

~Highborn Simmer
Old 26th Feb 2015, 2:29 PM
Highborn Simmer
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Old 10th Jan 2018, 3:53 PM #2
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Good challenge! I'm planning on gen 2 to be frustration (Mad's child raised by Sad) and Happy's two children, Irratated and Awe a future update could hold future gens..... :D:D:D:D

I have a feeling sad is going to be my main focus here not because of her aspiration...... ALL MEH SAD-LOOKING SIMS R SO CUTE!!!

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