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Old 31st Aug 2008, 1:31 AM .Zip File for MTS2 Questions/Help? #1
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Now that ModTheSims2.com has taken it's Q-downloader software off the site, I'm reduced to downloading only .zip files. Well, that's ok, I guess, but the problem is that the majority of downloads seem to be .rar, which I don't have the software to download.

Does anyone know if there's any kind of filter on MTS2 to only show .zip files, or any way to find mostly .zips?

Does anyone know when/if the Q-software will be making a comeback? They said it would be a few weeks months ago!

I know I'm not the only one who's having this problem, and I'd just like to appologise to the creators on the site for whiney downloaders like me who pester you to put them in .zips. We really just admire your work and wish we could download it, we don't mean to bug you. But .zips are appreciated!

Thank you for your time!

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MTS2 questions should be asked on MTS2. And please do not start the same thread in multiple forums. Patience is a virtue

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There is no reason you can't use rar files. There are plenty of tools for rar files - WinRAR is one. 7zip is another. WinRAR is nagware - use free for 30 days, after that continue to use free, just get nagged to pay. I think 7zip is free.

Q-Xpress ain't coming back. We never said it would be a few weeks. We said -never-.

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