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Old 21st Oct 2017, 7:32 PM #176
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When the Curious family were using the telescopes as a group, my first thought was, "Can multiple people get abducted at the same time?" lol

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Old 21st Oct 2017, 8:29 PM #177
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@AliaD85 As far as I know only one can be Abducted at once.

@simsmaple I make a practice to pretty much always use smartmilk, but I pretty much always manage to get the toddlers taught to walk and taught to talk and potty trained. The order that I most always approach it is teach to walk and then talk and then potty train.

@Charmful like simsample wrote the Curious Family house comes with two tvs, I just left that part of the house the way it was.

I did make a lot of changes to the Curious Family House, and so here are some pictures that help show what I did and how the house looks now.

Top down view ground floor.

Top down view second floor.

I wanted to note that sometimes I make my Sims Star Gaze and sometimes they do it on their own, the same with Painting or playing a musical instrument.

I love to have my Sims abducted so I make it so there is an opportunity for that to happen.

So with all that in mind here is the Curious Family doing some more SkyGazing.

No one Abducted so far.

Since a couple of the Curious Children are going to become Teens soon, Xena adopted another Alien Child this one is a girl named Moira O'Donal.

Lisa O'Donal and Eduardo Sharpe are going to go steady.

I love how Lisa autonomously gives Eduardo a noogie.

Naturally it is time for another Birthday in the Curious Family and I usually throw a Party, and this is no exception.

First we have Scarlet Bratford having her Birthday.

Next we have Emma with her Birthday.

Xena has earlier adopted another Alien Child named Moira O'Donal and here we have her doing some painting.

Soon it is Vidcund's Time.

Some more SkyGazing, this time it is Scarlet and Emma.

Xena Adopts Another Alien, this time it is a Toddler, named Jade.

Here she is being taught to walk.

That is all for now, I will be posting more soon, most likely sometime early Monday. Well early Pacific Time.

I hope that every one is enjoying my look at the Curious Family of Strangetown.

for info on changing the Mac Open File Limit check out my post here http://www.insimenator.org/index.ph...html#msg1628939
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The first time I saw an autonomous noogie, I had to laugh. It was when my teen Tanit walked outside to greet Julia, who was walking by the house at a time when Tanit wanted to make new friends. She basically introduced herself, got some pink hearts about Julia, and then gave her a noogie. Interesting way to let a girl know you like her! Julia was not impressed at the time, though she and Tanit eventually ended up as a couple.

Emma grew into a pretty girl, and I love Jade's bright hair.

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