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Did my Project List just... shrink?
Date Posted: 9th Sep 2008 at 8:23 PM
I do believe I completed TWO projects recently, and only added ONE to the list! So it shrank by ONE project! Oh my gosh! ;p At last count, I've finished 18 projects since I started keeping my list, but the darn thing never got shorter! I keep getting ideas. That's actually not a bad thing.
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Girls Cuffed Capris, on my list way too long
Date Posted: 8th Sep 2008 at 6:28 PM
Time to get girls cuffed capris off my list! Just a few tweaks and it's off to the mod queue... Done, in mod queue now. Accepted, ready to download.
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One day, the project list won't fit on one page...
Date Posted: 7th Sep 2008 at 2:40 AM
fakepeeps7 keeps adding stuff to my project list! If she stopped making cute clothes, this list would get a lot smaller... Here's a white peasant top recolor I just made. When I finish some others, I'll upload the set.
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Project List - now with untucked kids tee, yay!
Date Posted: 2nd Sep 2008 at 9:17 AM
Here's a preview of one of my many, many projects (list below). The mesh is done. (This project is now done!) I adjusted the sleeves so they're not so long and skinny. I adjusted the bone weights to match up with the Maxis mini skirt. That's the one Maxis bottom that always gives me trouble with untucked tops. (Also adjusted my old sweater mesh bone weights.)

- adjust hem bone weights on my untucked top mesh : please redownload mesh
- kids untucked t-shirts with Toronto Humane Society art
- fakepeeps7 ruffle skirt, mesh adjusted to fit under my untucked tops
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Attack of the Project List!
Date Posted: 20th Aug 2008 at 9:37 AM
I'm back, and I bring capris for girls! Well, almost. Soon, really. Just need to finish texturing. And meshing the cuffed ones. Then I plan to make more Smooks Brothers menswear for all ages. Then lots of kids untucked tees. However, the order I do stuff may change if some new idea strikes my fancy.

- girls capris, separates, uncuffed
- bow shirts by fakepeeps7, made into tops by me
- "no cowboy boots" skirt by me and fakepeeps7 : Part 1, patterns
- "no cowboy boots" skirt by me and fakepeeps7 : Part 2, fp7 "ruffle clothes" match
- 44 tees for kids (Maxis snug tee mesh)
- 17 loose tucked tees for kids
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Whew! I need a break for a few days! :)
Date Posted: 6th Aug 2008 at 8:22 AM
I just finished a very large project, the Smooks Brothers 2008 Collection of apparel for boys. 2 meshes (4 if you count Maxis ones), 77 recolors! That was about a week's worth of evenings. I need a break for a few days or I'll start dreaming about UV maps. Then it's back to my ever growing project list! (see previous journal entry for The List)
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Kids Clothes Take Over My Spare Time
Date Posted: 17th Jul 2008 at 1:01 AM
I made a "green screen / blue screen" CAS and YACAS so I can easily "cut out" sims and put them on other backgrounds. Too lazy to do an in game photo studio, don't want to mess with turning off motive decay, free will, aging, posing my sims, clothing cheats/hacks, etc. The green / blue screen CAS has been working great! Used it for my kids shorts mesh pictures, and the CAS is in the mod queue now.

I'm STILL working on kids clothes! Have so many ideas I want to get through before returning to my other, non-kid projects. So here's what I've got in the works, in various stages of completion, ranging from "nearly done" to "just an idea"...

- fixed OFB puff sleeve girls' shirt neck seam
- girls geometric pattern halter tops
- overall shorts rompers, jean and corduroy, with appliques
- Maxis baggy pants defaults, fixed alpha, better shoes, correct colors + recolors : plain jeans for girls, more colors, corduroys!
- loose cropped pants (or long baggy shorts) for kids
- replacement mesh for boys skinny cowboy pants
- green screen CAS / YACAS
- girls babydoll tops
- "Smooks Brothers Boys Apparel" : creased slacks, polos, Oxfords, sweaters, more!


- girls capris, separates, uncuffed

- girls capris, separates, *cuffed*
- kids tops : henleys
- girls' tops: blouses with sleeves
- Bermuda length shorts for kids

- girls' skirts on fakepeeps7's mesh and KiaraRawks' mesh, and maybe modify adult long skirt mesh?
- cat and dog shirts, tucked and untucked, featuring Toronto Humane Society poster art
- fakepeeps7's sweater textures on KiaraRawks' sweater top mesh (used with permission)
- kids turtleneck top mesh, maybe two, tucked and untucked
- cable knit sweaters on my untucked mesh or a new turtleneck mesh
- kangaroo pocket longsleeves
- hoodie top mesh
- recolor KiaraRawks' girls skirt mesh
- convert adult long skirt and/or Uni long skirt for girls
- adjust hem bone weights on my untucked top mesh
- bell sleeve hippie shirts and pants on faeriegurl's mesh
- recolor JasanaBugbreeder's totally amazing dress mesh (probably won't happen, may be beyond my abilities)
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Learning to Mesh for Military Project, but Making Kids Clothes :)
Date Posted: 5th Jul 2008 at 12:29 AM
I still intend to do the stuff in my previous journal entry, but for the military project, I needed to learn to mesh. While doing that, I made some kids clothes. I've also been recoloring some of fakepeeps7's wonderful stuff, just because I couldn't resist. Check out the excellent meshing, UV mapping, and texturing tutorials in the Create section if you want to learn to mesh too. It's much easier than you think, especially if you're modifying preexisting Maxis meshes.
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projects in the works
Date Posted: 27th May 2008 at 8:01 AM
This entry is mostly for my benefit, so I don't forget what all I plan to do!
But if you're curious, now you too can know what I'm planning.
In no particular order of importance...

- make wrinklier elder faces for Age Transition Faces
- make non-default versions of Age Transition Faces that still use HP's files for below the neck
- make flatter nose blush in the Tropical shade, to match new Idolatry skin I blended

- recategorize army uniforms
fatigues should be Everyday, Athletic, Outerwear, Swim
officers uniforms should be Everyday, Formal, Outerwear
- make military combo undies/pjs/swim/athletic outfits,
olive drab tee, dark olive shorts, dog tags

- make arches for build mode (or decorative objects) that
do NOT divide a room for sims, division is only visual,
but sims percieve rooms on both sides of arch as one room,
"Go sit in the dining room to drink your coffee, damn it!"

- make a modder's resource to help find / change career outfits
- help Phaenoh find career outfits that migrated out of Everyday,
so she can categorize them sanely (as she's already done)
AND in the Maxis manner, as Everyday, so they're still career outfits

If you haven't seen Phaenoh's Great Clothing Migration, it is awesome, go check it out and leave her a note if you like it.
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Burn it! (game corruption eats my day)
Date Posted: 18th May 2008 at 1:21 AM
(Who's lived this story before?) I have just spent an entire day looking for the source of my Sims2 game corruption, finding it, attempting to fix it, failing, nuking the borked neighborhood, installing all the EPs and SPs I haven't yet because I didn't want them borking the game (back when it wasn't borked), downloading the mods that fix those EPs and SPs because Maxis can't be bothered to fix them, reinstalling my CC, checking for the latest updates to said CC, updating SimPE, updating TS2Enhancer, making sure I have the correct version of BodyShop on my desktop... Are we having fun yet?

Ah, a fresh start, a sim world full of promise and possibility and potential to be realized. I predict about three sim generations before the game is borked to the point of unplayability again. That's about how long it takes. I get really invested in the sims and the stories, then major borkage.

That's okay. I'm actually quite zen about it now. It's only a game.

Also, this time, I plan to make backups at the drop of a hat. In fact, maybe weekly backups. Or backups every time I play even. And especially when I think "this small change can't POSSIBLY bork anything in the game, let's do it!"

Also, I vow never, ever to use SimPE Sim Surgery again, nor mess with Sim DNA and appearance with SimPE. Not without backing up first. Then double checking to make sure I actually backed up. Yes, mock me. I forgot to back up. I deserve your ridicule. ;P
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