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TS3 to 4 to 2
Date Posted: 1st Jan 2019 at 11:17 AM
While my husband has been off work for two weeks over Christmas, he's reclaimed his PC which means I've had zero access to TS3. I can't really have it on my laptop due to AAALLL THE MODDDDS, so I shopped about the various winter sales for something to keep me going over the holiday.

In a recent post on my blog I spoke of my fall into the Abyss as I purchased TS4 in the Origin sale. Now, part of the reason I'm posting this here rather than my blog is because I didn't want my attention deficit to become too apparent. That said, I've literally just outed myself so... bugger.

I just could not for the life of me get into that game. It's HORRIBLE. I know there are folk out there who love it, but it's just not for me, man. It gets fired up and about 10 mins later I'm shutting it down, unlike my PS Store sale purchase which gets played for hours (Sonic Mania, baby!).

I decided to re-install TS2 and I'm wondering why I didn't do this sooner. One of the first things I did once I'd created my little Sidney was to set about building my favourite house from TS3's Sunset Valley. It's coming along nicely and almost finished. It made me think I'll probably build some more, and maybe even recreate my own TS3 builds. Of course, I'll share them here when they're done. Exciting times.

Oh, how I've missed TS2.
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Now Twitter, That's Not Nice!
Date Posted: 8th Oct 2018 at 11:42 AM
For a while i've been pondering a new Twitter account to run alongside the blogs. I didn't want to use my personal one because I've spent 10 years building up a reputation of being a tool and didn't want my Sims stuf getting lost in the mix.

Easy job right? That is, until you post your first Tweet and your account gets blocked by Twitter for "suspcious" activity. This is the offending Tweet. Not a nice way to greet a 'new' member, eh Twitter?

Anyway, after that little misunderstanding my new account is set to go. I shall be stalking you all very soon.
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CC Wishlist
Date Posted: 9th Sep 2018 at 9:34 PM
I find myself grinding to a halt on some of my creations because there are items I need and cannot find anywhere. Sometimes, it's just a case of making it myself, but then there's some things that goes beyond either my ability or patience.

Currently on the lookout for the following:

Old lady headscarf (Babushka style)
Proper granny clothes (seriously, it's like one big glamour granny competition out there!)
A riding type jacket with a collar shirt AND cravat/scarf (seems to always be a case of one or the other)
Decent outwear for elders - I found some but surprise, surprise, the links are all dead
Renault Captur - not really stopping anything other than my gameplay because I want a Captur, dammit!

Mood: Confuzzled
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