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What to make next?
Date Posted: 5th Jul 2017 at 9:46 AM
I never thought I'd enjoy making houses this much! I'm left wondering what I want to make next! I want to make some more starter houses, but I'd also like to try making a few family homes, and maybe a mansion or two And also I have an idea for a rainbow house, I just need to put the wheels in motion!
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Today I did...
Date Posted: 12th Mar 2017 at 4:14 AM
Feeling: Sleepy

Today I started this Journal! I've been on this site under various usernames for what must be nearly 8 years now (Is that even possible?) and yet I've never figured out I can do this... lol

I'm actually amazed my Underwater House got so much attention... I mean, it's not a lot but it's a lot to me so I am over the moon!

Today I made another house, not as cool as that one... But it holds a special place in my heart so I hope the Mods will like it enough to let me share it with everyone!

I also figured out how to recolour objects... Probably not the best thing! I'm now obsessed with it... I've made four frames with pictures of the Boyf and I, a beautiful landscape frame with a photo I took in New York, and 15 Mass Effect posters in frames! Oh well, I'm having fun!

Tommorow's job is to do the coursework I've been putting off... whoops!

Signing off, Innamode <3
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