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70+ Horse Breeds Coming Up
Date Posted: 27th Jun 2017 at 1:02 AM
So, guess who snuck around and found the pet breeds sheet? I've already compiled a list of horse breeds to add. In fact, I've already added them! They're in testing. I still need to create the template and coat, and then add the slots in the layout. But! They'll be coming up!
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Taking Longer than Expected
Date Posted: 6th Mar 2017 at 1:32 AM
So I know I said I would have the new equestrian events out by late winter, early spring of this year, but it's taking much longer than expected due to some school work. They're still coming out, though I can no longer put a specific date for when they will. I'm also working on custom animations.

I guess that's all.

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New Equestrian Center Events In Progress
Date Posted: 26th Nov 2016 at 1:23 AM
Sorry I haven't been saying much, if anything at all. I'm working super hard on creating new events for the Equestrian Center. I'm currently in the progress of coding 26 new individual files (in case someone wants a few, but not all of them). It's going to take me a while, like a few months. Here's why:

In a single DMTR file, I'll need to create approx. 80 new unique ids, parent ids, and prototype ids. Not only that, I'll need to calculate the new x and y values for the center for each of the three id strings in the new file. There are 26 new files being made. That's 2,080 unique ids I need to create. On top of that, I need to create two values for the center (both x and y). That would be 2 values per set of three ids, so in total that would be 160 new x and y values per file. For all of them, I would need to create 4,160 new values of x and y.

In addition to calculating new x and y values and creating unique ids, I'll also need to write the files from scratch to make sure I have the proper traits set as required and excluded. It's definitely going to take me a few months at least. There's just no way to copy, paste, and edit. I would definitely end up skipping over something accidentally.

Don't mind if I'm quiet for a while, I'll be working on the files. They'll likely be coming out in late winter or early spring of 2017. I'm also still in school, so that will take up a lot of my time as well.
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It's taking a while
Date Posted: 24th Oct 2016 at 7:32 PM
Ah, I swear I posted it guys. It's just taking a while to approve cause it's... I don't know, it's not really large. It's just taking a while. I promise I posted it on the 20th though. Anyways, you guys should really follow Sugars Legacy Stables. I wasn't asked to promote it, I'm doing it on my own. Their downloads are awesome and really stunning, especially their manes and tails. They have tons of manes and tails available, and they're constantly working on new things. I highly suggest visiting SLS if you want some really good equestrian downloads. Lakeside Saddlery has really good equestrian downloads, too. I mainly use those two sites when I'm looking for tack, stable accessories, manes and tails, etc. Just really good quality stuff. They definitely provide good downloads, I HIGHLY recommend them, especially Sugars Legacy Stables. Not that MTS doesn't have good downloads too, cause it does. It's just that SLS and LS are all about equestrian.

Anyway, it'll get approved when it gets approved. All in good time, I'm a patient person. Just confirming that I did in fact post it, it's in queue for approval. (:

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Date Posted: 20th Oct 2016 at 6:33 PM
Alright, I've posted the mod. It should be up in a few days (as I posted it yesterday). I'll have more coming, too.

This is a super short update, just letting you know that I've posted it. It'll be up soon.

Have a good day!


P.S. I know I have a lot of horses in the game, I'm obsessed with them.
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I'm Back
Date Posted: 18th Oct 2016 at 6:39 PM
Hallo, I'm back! Sorry for being gone so long and not saying anything, it was rough. A lot happened. I sprained my ankle, had the worst panic attack of my life, and had the first year anniversary of my mum's death. It was intense.

No worries, I'm back and in good spirits! Not a lot can bring me down, so that's good. While I haven't been saying anything or being very active on this (checking once in a while), I have been working on mods. I'll upload some probably today or tomorrow (it will take a while for them to get approved so they won't be up for a few days, sorry). I have the mods ready, I just need to snap the in-game pictures and edit the photos so they're not as dark (the software I use to snap pictures makes photos a little dark, so I have to brighten them up through an editing software).

I don't even know if anyone reads this. But hey, I can dream.

Have a good day!
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Final Decision for Pregnancy Mods
Date Posted: 7th Oct 2016 at 5:35 PM
I've made up my mind. I'm just going to stick all of the pregnancy mods together. So, no pregnancy mods for a while since I'm working on the rest. By the way, the reason I haven't uploaded any more mods (even though I said I would) is because I've also decided to do a huge No Autonomous Pet-Sim Interactions mod. I should have that up in a few days time.

As for the puddle mod, I'm still working on it. I've rewritten the file multiple times from scratch to try and get it right. It's not even an important project, and it's not something that's popular in demand. I just want to work on it because it's a challenge. I like challenges, and this is definitely one.

That's basically it. A quick update. Hope whoever reads this has a good day.

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Change of Plans!
Date Posted: 1st Oct 2016 at 7:39 PM
Ah, quick change of plans. I'm going to be uploading multiple mods that I did as a quickie (meaning I saw the opportunity, shrugged, and edited the file then decided I'd share it). One of them will be a No More Piggy Trait, and it stops your horse from getting the Piggy Trait when they eat harvestables. Another mod will be 6 sim-pet interactions that I've disabled from being autonomous. And last but not least, some pregnancy mods! Not the ones I was originally working on, but ones that I found and decided to change. Apparently pregnant horses can now jump (yet they still can't gallop places when you tell them to "go here"), and pregnant cats and dogs can run around. I mean, I'm planning on uploading the pregnancy ones as a bundle (each download is separate but exists in the same mod profile) but I might wait to upload it with the other ones once I find their files and attributes. I'm definitely uploading the other two just for the heck of it. If I find more autonomous interactions between sim-pet that I want to disable, I'll just update the mod. Easy as that.

But I'm still considering uploading the pregnancy ones as those two alone. I might not have the others done very soon, but part of me still wants to upload all of the pregnancy mods as a "family" if you know what I mean. Hm. Choices, choices.

I guess that's all I have. I'll let you know about my final decision on the pregnancy mods sometime before the 10th. I won't be doing anything regarding the Sims 3 on the 11th -15th due to the death anniversary of my mum. Otherwise, I'll just be working on these projects because I have no life haha *cries*

Anyway, that's all. If you have requests, I'm all eyes.

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Date Posted: 30th Sep 2016 at 5:59 PM
So, I'm kind of hopping back and forth between projects. I'm definitely still working on the pregnancy ideas and the puddle one, however I'm also interested in creating more Equestrian Center events. I actually started on this before I even uploaded my first mod. Believe me, things are being worked on equally, it's just that some mod ideas are being included into the plans earlier than expected. I also have a mod that I'll be uploading within a few days or so. It was an on-the-spot type of deal, and nobody's made it yet so I thought I'd do it.

It's a mod that prevents your sims from autonomously petting or brushing animals. I should have it up pretty soon; the reason it isn't up yet is because there are different files for each animal, and the files for the autonomy are different for the sims. It's nothing that will take me too long and it will be a multiple-part download. It's safe to download all of them, or just one. As I said, they're all different files so they won't override each other if you download them all.

I guess that's all for this entry. Just letting you know what's coming up and what's being worked on for the future.


If you have any requests, I'm open. *shrugs* I'm a people-pleaser.
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Projects in Progress
Date Posted: 26th Sep 2016 at 8:38 PM
So I've been working on creating a new file that lets horses drink from puddles but with the original drinking animation intended for horses, rather than dogs. At the moment, they can drink from puddles, but their body becomes distorted because the game is registering the dog animation for the horse. I'm working on that.

The other one that I want to complete by the end of this month is the pregnancy mods I planned. I want the horses to be able to give birth anywhere, and run when they're pregnant. As of currently, I'm dealing with finding the file with the coding for pregnancy and birth. If you happen to know where such file is, I'd love to know. *shrugs* I'm not an expert, I couldn't tell you where every file is.

But yeah, those are the ones I'm working on to try and finish by the end of the month, and/or the beginning of October. People probably don't even read these, but it's here if you want to know what's coming up.

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