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DAE Firms Research and Development LABS
Date Posted: 8th Nov 2012 at 12:17 AM
Well, hello everybody.

Laserai here and letting everyone know we haven't forgotten about our fans. We are still working on our many projects we have on our agenda. Encountered some problems with our first jeans shorts submissions but it all worked out in the end.

Our attention is currently locked on the Sims 3 and making a presence with our signature DAE Lee Jeans there. I have also been informed we will be making several types of jeans rather then our usual one type. Thanks to some very nice custom meshes we have discovered we hope to provide a normal, skinny jean and boot-cut jean to our MTS simmers very soon. Thanks to the TSR program we are making great strides towards our goals. Were optimistic we will have at least one submission ready before this month is over.

Till then, thanks for stopping and checking with us.

Stay frosty,

Laserai out.
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Design This - MTS Round Three Submission
Date Posted: 8th Nov 2012 at 12:10 AM
Lasira: So, I have submitted my pictures for round three and I put all of my heart into these. Check them out on the Design This Contest Thread.

I really took everyone's advice and tapped into my childhood as a little girl and tried to picture what an ideal nursery for me and my twin brother would have looked like. Circumstances didn't allow us to share one but I think it would have looked something like this. Anyway, here is a picture in case you don't make it to the contest thread.

Hope everyone enjoys it. I spent a great deal of time on this one and I actually worked on this one during the day rather then the dead of night.
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Design This - MTS Contest - Round 3 Development
Date Posted: 7th Nov 2012 at 3:23 AM
Laserai: Greetings All! Just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their support! My sis was quite depressed for a lil while about the latest results but now she is back on track. I have managed to get a sneak peek of her work with the nursery and I must say she is taking everyone's advice as her color scheme appears to be solid this time. You guys are the best! Anyway, were hoping to put far better numbers up.

Lasira: Yes, I agree. However, even if I encounter a not so elated response I can honestly stand behind this latest submission that I really did put my heart into it. I will admit with the absence of multiple expansion packs and stuff packs like in Sims 2, my options are kinda limited. Perhaps that is part of what is making this so difficult. Still, I think this next one will be the best of my work so far.

Laserai: Well, there you have it. My sis is back in action and hoping to bring forth her best work thus far. Feel free to drop in on the contest and let us know what you think by commenting here. Advice is welcome but no flames please.

Stay frosty.
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Design This - MTS Contest - Epic Fail
Date Posted: 6th Nov 2012 at 2:49 PM
Lasira's Design Corner

Well, round 2 is over and my attempt to break out of my box of spartan safe design ended in a catastrophic fail. My use of a bold red color had an unfortunate back-firing effect causing my score to actually be lower then the previous round.

Unbelievable, but it looks to me as though either my friends have been lying to me about my interior design skills or they have tastes that are messed up as mine.

I am not sure wth I am going to do about tactics since everything I seem to know is amounting to practically nothing at all. You can't really have a foot stand on with a number rank from the bottom. Seems in my efforts to move forward, I ended up in the exact spot where I don't want to be.

Plus looking at the other contestants, especially in the latest round 3, I will be lucky to place at all. It would seem my dream to one day be an interior designer was nothing more then a silly dream of a girl that needs to grow up. Well, life can be a real b***h sometimes I suppose. Either way I don't intend to give up till its over.

Looking over the assessments given by the judges, I don't really have anything to say. The other contestants look semi-pro to me. Its starting to look pretty obvious that I am a frickin amateur at best compared to them.

Damn, why the hell did I put a god-d***n mirror in the kitchen anyway. Nobody does something like that. And the red though bold is impractical. Its illogical as I don't think I have ever seen a red cabinet before. And the walls had a marble pattern? I don't even remember selecting that. I must have been tired as hell that day. In all honesty, looking back at that kitchen I am reminded of the inside of a poorly designed frickin fast food restaurant.

Well, the next round is a nursery. Pray that I don't do any worse then my last attempt. Because I am not sure this contest as a whole for me is going to leave me in high spirits.
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Lasira's Challenge - Design This MTS Contest - Development
Date Posted: 27th Oct 2012 at 7:12 PM
Well, I will admit I was a bit disappointed where we ranked on round one. I really thought we were going to put up some big numbers on the board but after looking at the other entries I can see that mine was more hotel suite then welcoming living room.

I can see where I can make changes and can hopefully bring my score up. At least get the heck out of the bottom five. This isn't my first time decorating after all and my pride refuses to settle for that. I wonder where I sucked the most at.

The score I got is kind of unclear. I suppose it had something to do with our color scheme. I think I am going to be shooting far out of the box on my round 2 entry.

I am fired up to be even more bolder about my design ideas on this one. No more holding back. Then we shall see what they say.
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Latest Challenge of the Design This
Date Posted: 26th Oct 2012 at 12:46 AM
Laserai: Looks like the contest has moved on to the kitchen section. Why don't I turn it over to Lasira who will explain her strategy for this next leg of the challenge.

Lasira: Well, I thought about doing a complete 180 and trying something totally new and exciting. With the contest now in full swing we now have a full 20 contestants. Also I have notes right away some of them are site-recognized stone-cold decorating veterans. I am not quite sure how my skills will match up.

I have some skill but looking at some of the entries before and after me have me just a little apprehensive about what I will actually rate in this contest. If I can at least be in the middle of the pack I will be happy. I don't want to rank last and I am not realistically expecting to be a top contender.

At any rate, I will just let my creativity guide me where it will and we will see where it ends up taking me.

Laserai: Well, there you have it. My sister is still taking on the challenge of getting our round 2 submission to the contest on time which if I recall is November 3rd, 2012. Not one to procrastinate, I hear she intends to have the work done by October 31st, 2012. This time around she doesn't want to power through it too quickly but take her time on it. I think its wise since she is going to have to analyze every design decision carefully all while staying within the rules.

Well, check up on the Design This MTS Contest and see whats new and coming and be sure to look for our submission and let us know what you think.

Stay frosty,

Laserai out.
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Policy Sharing Changes
Date Posted: 19th Oct 2012 at 7:41 AM
This change sort of came to me as inspiration as I was looking over our main page with a critical eye as I asked alot of why questions.

One of my why questions addressed why we were heavily restricting the use of our creations. Specifically the one that once said sims created using any of our creations required permission first. I couldn't come up with a reason why I originally made up that policy requirement. So I had it axed. As of now here is the official DAE Firms Policy low down as it were on our creations here on MTS.

Creations are not to be shared with other sites at this time. When we are ready, we hope to eventually introduce our creative works ourselves to other sites. Thanks for the help but, we got that. This covers both other free sites and especially pay sites.

Second, of all the DAE Firms wants everyone to enjoy our creations here on MTS. There is no reason you can't submit a custom sim you have created wearing our signature DAE Lee Brand UK Jeans. Just please make sure to give us proper credit and a working link back to our main page. It does us no good if the link you use doesn't work.

Finally, if you decide you want to recolor our creations further or more radically then we already have I suppose I don't see a problem with it. However, please keep these self revisions offline and not submit to MTS or anywhere else. If at some point, we decide to add recolors or some other revision to the MTS, please allow us to do that. If you have some good ideas or even a custom revision you have made that you would like us to submit, please pm us anytime. I will look it over and if all are in agreement, we will happily submit a co-op submission indicating the custom revision by "insert name here" on the mts. Were not above recognizing our creations could still be improved upon.

Well. that's the new DAE MTS Sharing Policy from this point on. If you have any questions, once again feel free to shoot me a pm and I will see what I can do.

Thanks and stay frosty, simmers.

Laserai out.
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Contest Attempt - Design This Approved
Date Posted: 15th Oct 2012 at 12:38 AM
Greetings simmers,

I was pleased to hear my sister Lasira wanted to enter into an MTS contest called Design This which pits other designers in a contest of their skills each round apparently targeting a specific room. Here is a taste of what she has cooked up so far.

If this is only just the start of this contest I hope to see her do remarkably well. I know we have never entered one of these contests before but if we win I would be quite thrilled. Even if we don't I can't say were not going to have some fun all the same.

Till then catch ya later MTS simmers,

Laserai out.
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Back to Business (Continued)
Date Posted: 13th Oct 2012 at 5:19 PM

And just like that we have clearance and approval of our latest submissions lee jeans for elders and lee jeans for teen both sims 2. It appears zoom could have been better on our front pictures rather then their being a lack of them.

That's understandable as were still trying to figure out a company standard for our submissions in the future. Aka what all of our submissions will look like in the future giving a streamlined effect if you will. Now that we know what went wrong we intend to implement the suggestions we received on our next submissions.

Our next focus before we jump head first into sims 3 is our bootygal collections of everyday, lingerie and sleepwear respectively. These will be released separately to minimize the overall size of the rar file. Were currently going over quality control of these submissions before we submit to mts. That and were trying to break past the 10 upload barrier with the stratosphere of the net as the limit.

Once that is done however were likely going to switch over to sims 3 as we are seeing all kinds of different projects we can get involved in.
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Back to Business
Date Posted: 13th Oct 2012 at 5:54 AM

Our work continues and our experimentation with creating jeans in sims 3 goes surprisingly well. Research has located some custom jean meshes which look especially promising as well as some EA jeans and we hope to start texture conversions soon. We are not confident with initial prototypes yet though as it appears the textures in sims 3 truly look their best in a 3D form. Were working to perfect our skill in this area before a working prototype will be formed.

Unsurprisingly this means our ambitious plans for some UK Jeans for Sims 3 will be delayed. For how long? Not sure yet. Art never did do well on a time schedule.

In the meantime, we will continue to crank out our completed sims 2 projects as their accepted. Two projects, one for teen and the other for elder is in moderation for review. Both were flagged for missing front pictures.

On one instance, that is correct. On the other, the front picture is clearly there and visibly shows the jeans front and shoes. Were kinda stumped on why this one wasn't cleared as we nailed all requirements on the first shot but hopefully someone will fix the problem. Anyway, while were waiting on what we hope to be a successful submission, our next release quota is some Lee Jeans for Maxis AF Sims and a final version of our UK Lee Jeans for Warlokk AF Sims which is a refined remake of the Beta line we released some many weeks ago.

R and D has told me they have also managed to make some jeans using a SSBB mesh for AM or adult males. It surprisingly looks rather well and we will be working to bring this to the MTS server soon.

We have also managed to stumble upon a fat sim mesh for males and have created a pair of Lee Jeans using them and will make it available for use also some time this year.

After that our focus will likely shift completely to sims 3 in its entirety. That is all

Laserai out.
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