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I feel like such a derp
Date Posted: 29th May 2013 at 10:35 PM
I haven't been on here in so long, and I am looking at all my old posts, and oh my...
What can I say, I used to be a HUGE DORK (still am, but woah why didn't one of you slap me)

I hope to be getting a new desktop soon, so maybe then I can start creating again ^^

I really miss creating....
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How to Make Posters for Uploading Sims (Sims 2/Sims 3)
Date Posted: 18th Jan 2011 at 12:08 AM
Hi there people of Mod The Sims! If you have talked to me in #create, and have seen the posters i have to done to show of Sims i have made, then you might be wondering how I do that. Reading this Tutorial will help you find out. Now, this is for uploading sims, so dont try this out with anything else. Its specific to the Sims 2, or Sims 3, you can do it with both I believe. (I will find out soon) For this you will need

The Sims 2
Gadwin Printscreen
Basic Knowledge of above programs.

Now first off, your going to need to take photos of your sims obviously. I recomend getting Decorgals pose boxes. If you have anyothers, great, use those. The create a 3x3 lot. The build a room that is 9x6 and remove one of the 9 tiles long wall. I usaully build walls on the second floor, cause it helps. Then use the moveobjects on cheat and get some likes and put them around the center. When your done it should look like this. (Plus, I do it at night, but you don't have to, but for this tutorial, i recomend you do it at night.)


Once you have it like that, then begin taking photos. I went before hand and saved a location by pressing ctrl-4. After doing that, all you need to do is press 4 and it will take you to the saved location. Here is an example.


If yours is like that (wich it needs to be, leave space for the top of the head, and the feet) your doing it right! Now, make your Sim do a pose, anypose, it doesnt matter! As long as it is appropiate, of course. Now it's time to use Gadwin print screen! Once you have that installed, make sure you dont have Gadwin Printscreen pro. Now, go into your game, and get everything set, and press Print Screen on your keyboard. Then, it'll automatically go to the desktop, and it'll give you some options. For right now, click 'continue output'. And then you should have something like this...


Once you have that, it's time to open Photoshop! Once its done loading, click File-New and then the image size will be ready (It will be to your screens resolution. Then click okay. Go to the layers tab, and drag down the only layer there, down so you can duplicate the layer, here is an image to help...


Oh and at this point, you can close the Sims.Then, while still on the layers tab, go down to the fx sign, and click Gradient Overlay


And choose what ever colors you want, what ever style you want. Im doing a radial gradient, with and light green middle, and dark green outer side, like this.


Now open one of your images in photoshop (if you have more then one, wich I encourage that you should.) And grab the Magic Wand tool and start selecting the white backround, like so...


Tool Tip: Hold the shift key while using this tool, because if you dont, then this wont work and will turn out like this.....


So always hold the shift key. This takes a while if your image is like mine, so when your done, the selection should have wraped around the Sim like this...


Now this selection looks good, but its not, if you zoom in, you'll see where the selection has selected part of your sim, so thats where the Lasso Tool comes in!(Tips, When getting the selection off of your sim, hold ALT, and in areas where you need the selection, like where the back shows through, hold the shift to add to the selection.) So grab the lasso tool, wich is the third from the top of the tool box. and start doing this


Then, after using the lasso tool, should be this...


Now, move across the areas where your Sim is and keep on editing the selection, so that it wraps prefectly to your sim, and that's for the selection inverse coming up. Then when your done, your going to move that image onto the other one! (Now, for this tutorial, I won't be doing this, but you need to it for it to be right, like I normally do it. When your selection is perfect press ctrl-shift-I that'll inverse your selection. Now, if your like me, then you'll have this annoying thingy in the corner. Just use the lasso tool to deselect that. Now, grab the move tool, wich is at the top of the tool box. And you have to be inside the selection when moving the selected part, or it moves the entire image, and we dont want that! So then, do that like this...


And move it to the other image, and then you shoulds have this....


Then you have done it! Do this for all of your other images, if you have more, then you have made your Sims poster! YAY! Just add text, and what else you want, then you can have something like this...


Or like this!....


You now have the knowledge to make a poster when you upload sims! YAY! This is my tutorial, and is to remain mine. IF i get word, or see this up anywhere else I didnt put it, I am to request the owners of the site to bring It down.
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Hi there!
Date Posted: 16th Jan 2011 at 2:27 AM
Hay fellow people who happen to love my creations! I wont be creating for The Sims 2 anymore. And I wont be in #create anymore either. The next upload I will have, will be The Sims 3. Just felt like letting all of you know!

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Halloween! Yay!
Date Posted: 7th Oct 2010 at 12:20 AM
As you all may know, it's the month of October, wich means Halloween! And, the time when leaves really begin to change from Green, to Red, Brown, Yellow, and, Gold! And when it's Halloween, it's the time for Spirits, and Vampires, Zombies, Witches, Demons, and, all little children's favorite thing, Candy! Wich means dressing up as something scary, funny, something you like, something random, or some flat out rediculous costume that gets you in the News. Halloween, is by fdar my favorite holiday. This year, im going to do something special for Halloween on Mod The Sims!
Keep tuned in for the latest news!

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My School Year Project One
Date Posted: 12th Sep 2010 at 2:40 AM
Dont let the title decieve you. This is not for school. But, I am, going to mesh a new half wall, ment to be a "dummy bar". What i mean is, its supposed to look like a bar, but it isnt. And by bar, i mean, have an extention like and island counter.

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Date Posted: 11th Aug 2010 at 2:47 AM
Okay, as a lot know, school is back! Yay, haha. Ill be a "freshman" this year, so I hope you all wish me good luck! Also, I'm going to take a long break from creating and focus on my school work. I have eight days until school starts, so I wont be on for a while because I'll be cleaning out my room, and my computer so I can have room for school work. I will have projects for The Sims 2 during school, but they wont be out until next summer. Once again, meshing for me has come to a hault because I've successfully identified my problem, and I'm looking in the Object Creation-Meshing for help on how I will be able to fix me problem. I'll update My Journal to let you know if some projects will be out early, or to update you on them. I hope these news dont let anyone down!


PS Have a great school year to all other schoolers!
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Object Creation
Date Posted: 20th Jul 2010 at 10:19 PM
As some know, Ive been getting into "Object Creation". It is A LOT of fun, and is a learning expirence. I used JWood and Numenor's Sims 2 Start to Finish Beginner Object Creation Tutorial(Wings 3D) I really do recomend using their tutorial, and Wings 3D. Reasons, their tutorial is easy to follow, and makes it clear that you might make mistakes. And i say Wings 3D because it's free, and definetly user friendly. So thats it.
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My new house
Date Posted: 16th Jul 2010 at 6:03 AM
As some people have seen on creator feedback, i created anew house off a floor plan, wich i plan on uploading here. That house took me at least 2 weeks. and another 2 days after creator feedback. It has come A LONG way. I have to say, it is one of my finer lots. It has 4 bedrooms, 2 and half bath, its big, has alot of CC. But how on earth are you gonna create dazzaling lots with only maxis items? Haha, it might be slow because of all the plants, and items. WARNING this house is for high end computers, may cause game to crash for medium end computers or slow end computers, use at own risk.
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