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Back On the Road
Date Posted: 29th Sep 2017 at 9:05 AM Views: 321
So much stuff done this week, and it was such a total snowball. Decided to do HL's Teak Nursery for the Maternity and Beyond theme and thought, hm, what bedding would I use to take pictures with? That led to doing a whole batch of 27 striped nursery sets, which I was almost finished with when I realised these two green stripes made a cute kinda watermelon-looking design, which set me off making a whole watermelon-themed nursery...which I had to finish and post before I could go finisn and post the 27 striped nursery sets before I could go back and finish and post that Teak Nursery I started with in the first place and OH HEY, while I'm doing that, why not add HL's Quaint Nursery too??

Damn, it's been a busy week. My shoulder, arm, and wrist are totally minced from all the Photoshop and SimPE, so what do I decide to do next? Type about it. I'm an idiot.

ANYWAY. Was rushing like mad to finish because 1) theme ends, like, tomorrow. 2) I'm going back to the US for another month on Monday! Yay, seeing my family again!! Boo, not being on my computer for a whole month. Yay, being with my family! Boo, not being able to work on my to-do list. Boo and yay? Family wins that one every time. Just wish sweetface could come with me, but since his being on the road is the whole reason I'm taking off early, better being with the rest of the fam than sitting here by myself...no matter how much I could totally be jamming on my To-Do List. >_<
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