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Butterbot 28th Jul 2016 11:34 AM

Canning Station Overhaul [UPDATE: Aug 2 2016]
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1.0.1 -- Aug. 2 2016
  • Fixed an issue that caused sims to reset when making Condensed Milk with milk from EA's Milkin' It Dairy Corral in games where Cinderellimouse's ingredients mod was not installed. "Make Condensed Milk" should now work even when only the Dairy Corral is installed.
  • Removed reference to non-implemented scone texture.

The Canning Station Overhaul introduces new features to Grandma's Canning Station from the Sims 3 Store. It also fixes a number of existing bugs in the item.

Fixes for Existing EA Bugs

  1. Fixed a bug whereby jams/preserves were corrupted by sims vacationing with them in the inventory, by moving a lot/sim with them through Edit Town's clipboard, by saving a lot/sim with them to the Library--in essence, any action involving import/export. The corrupted jams and preserves lost their thumbnails and tooltips, and caused sims to reset while running the "Eat with Scones" interaction. Sims with corrupted jams/preserves in their inventory could not perform social interactions with other sims in their household. Additional documentation of this bug can be found here and here.
  2. "Open Jar" interaction is now enabled for children.
  3. Inventory thumbnails of jars now show the jar lid.
  4. Jars from the canning station can now be rotated and placed on most wall shelves. Discussion of the placement issue can be found here.
  5. Fixed a bug whereby the "Eat with Toast" interaction was not available unless the Baker's Station was installed.
  6. Fixed canning station decorative slots so that they can accept more types of objects and are no longer rotated backwards.

New Features

  1. All toasts and scones made with default EA jams now look like they're spread with a variety of different jams. Unmodded, all toasts and scones use the same reddish-purple jam texture, regardless of the actual jam consumed.

  2. Twelve custom spreads can now be made using ingredients that were previously not accepted by the canning station. They can be eaten with toast only. Each custom spread results in a different custom toast (see toast screenshots above).

    IngredientCustom SpreadIngredientCustom Spread
    Milk*Condensed MilkLobsterInstant Shrimp Toast
    EggplantBaba GhanoushHoneyHoney Spread
    Ghost ChiliHot Pepper JellyEggScrambled Eggs
    CinnamonCinnamon SpreadSteakCretonnade
    BasilPestoSalmonSmoked Salmon Spread
    GarlicGarlic ConfitCheeseCheese Spread
    *Milk can be obtained from Cinderellimouse's Cooking and Ingredients Overhaul or EA's Milkin' It Dairy Corral (from the Dairy Corral, this mod accepts only the plain milk.)

  3. "Make Rations" is a new interaction that cans a meal, storing it in a jar to delay spoilage indefinitely.
    • This interaction is enabled once 3 meals have been added to the canning station's inventory.
      • These can be a mix of any 3 types of meals, any number of servings, any quality.
      • Most meals in the game can be made into rations (see the Warnings section for custom foods and known incompatible foods.)
      • Ration-making increases Fun slightly.

    • Ration jars have an "Open Jar" interaction, which respawns the meal into the sim's inventory in the same state as it was when put into the canning station, with the same number of servings and quality.
    • Ration jars containing a meal with only a single serving have an additional "Open Jar and Eat" interaction. This spawns the meal into the sim's hand and pushes them to eat. This is an autonomous interaction for sims who are hungry and have access to single-serving ration jars (in the environment or their inventory.)
      • Vampire sims will not autonomously "Open Jar and Eat" from rations jars whose meals do not contain plasma fruit as an ingredient. The player can still direct them to do so, however.

    • Both "Open Jar" and "Open Jar and Eat" are enabled for children, except when the ration jar contains a meal that is tagged "adult-only" by EA (i.e. mac-and-cheese, autumn salad, waffles)--in this case, only "Open Jar" is enabled for minors.
    • Seventy meals have individualized ration jar textures. All other meals have ration jars that sport a custom generic texture with a silver lid, labelled "FOOD".

  4. Double-Boiled Ginseng Broth is a new recipe made by adding 3 ginseng ingredients to the canning station's inventory.
    • Sims get the "Warm Fuzzies" moodlet after eating the broth.
    • The "Germy" moodlet is removed by the broth if present.

  5. Jars of flame fruit preserves now glow.

  6. Make candles by adding 3 beeswax ingredients to the canning station's inventory. Click on the resulting jars to "unmold" the candle.
    • This candle uses the mesh from the basegame Mood-Lite candle, but is CAStable with 2 channels and 3 presets, and has a transparent glass base.
    • It's not a default replacement.
    • It's not buyable via the catalog, but can be sold for 85 simoleons.

  7. A "Put in Inventory" interaction has been added to all canning station jars so that they can be moved to the inventory without being opened first.

  8. Eighteen new decorative slots have been added to the canning station. (When drag-and-dropping ingredients into the canning station, some ingredients might be placed onto a decorative slot instead of being added to the canning station's inventory. If this occurs, open the canning station's inventory first, then drag the ingredients directly into the inventory panel.)

  9. Minor Tweaks:
    • Making preserves now increases Cooking skill by 300 instead of 800 (because making preserves should not build Cooking skill faster than cooking a meal.)
    • Making jams now increases Cooking skill by 400 instead of 800 (see above.)


If Grandma's Canning Station was installed via the Launcher as a .sims3pack: unpack mod as usual into Mods/Packages folder.

If Grandma's Canning Station was installed as a .package: unpack mod into Mods/Overrides folder.

If StoreFix_Decrap_Fixes.package is present in Mods/Packages or Mods/Overrides: the canning jar slot placement and rotation bugfix from this mod will not work because its canningJarJam OBJD is overridden by the one in StoreFix_Decrap_Fixes.package. This is easily remedied by firing up S3PE and setting the SlotPlacementFlags to Small, Decorative, and FullRotation in the OBJD in StoreFix_Decrap_Fixes.package.

Uninstalling this mod will break the custom objects it creates, such as the ration jars, custom spreads, unopened candle jars, Double-Boiled Ginseng Broth jars, and the custom CAStable candle. Sims who are opening ration jars autonomously might also be affected. It's likely best to delete the objects generated by this mod prior to uninstalling, and to run NRaas ErrorTrap when loading the savegame for the first time after the uninstall.


  • This mod was built on patch 1.67, tested mostly on patch 1.67 and partially on patch 1.69.
  • Grandma's Canning Station must be installed (as a standalone or part of the Old Mill venue.)
  • Non-basegame ingredients and recipes require their respective expansion packs or Sims 3 Store content, but they are not absolute requirements for the mod itself.


Below are resources modified by the Canning Station Overhaul. Mods that also affect these resources will cause a conflict.

Resource NameTypeKey
  • Snacks (e.g microwave/fridge quick meals) cannot made into rations. The only exception is microwave Ramen (from the University EP) which is explicitly handled by "Make Rations".
  • Delivery pizzas cannot be used to make rations. Pizzas from the Wood Fire Oven are OK.
  • Individual cake slices can be made into rations, but not whole birthday or wedding cakes.
  • At least some custom foods can be made into rations, but this mod does not support them explicitly. Testers have successfully made rations from some of the following custom foods:
  • Meals with added herbs will lose the misty "herb added" visual effect as soon as they're dragged into the canning station. The effect will not return when these ration jars are opened, but sims will still get the moodlet associated with the herb when eating the opened ration. The loss of herb effects appears to be due to how inventories are implemented by EA (if anyone knows more about this, please contact me.) Flame fruit effects are persisted, however.
  • Toasts made from this mod's herb-based custom spreads (i.e. Cinnamon Spread and Pesto) will give the appropriate herb-specific moodlets when eaten. The misty "herb added" visual effect has been disabled by design in this case, since it looks misplaced when the toast is lifted away from the plate while eating, due to the effect being associated to the plate rather than the toast.
  • Uninstalling expansion packs, Store content, or mods whose ingredients or recipes have been used to make rations or custom spreads will break the affected jars. Testing suggests that these jars will become functional again once the relevant EPs/mods/Store content are reinstalled, but such an uninstall is not recommended.

Terms of Use

  • Do not re-upload elsewhere or include with lots.
  • Do not use custom assets or code in this mod for derivative works, including conversion to other Sims games, or extraction/recategorization of custom objects to make them buyable from the catalogue.


This mod is made possible by the generosity, enthusiasm, and resourcefulness of its testers: attuned, Frogsnack, icemunmun, igazor (check out the utterly charming testing Simblr), lucy kemnitzer, Misty_2004, sydsyrious, and tangie0906.

We did it!


kociara81 28th Jul 2016 12:07 PM

Finally you did it! Thank you so much for this fantastic mod.

Epica0 28th Jul 2016 12:12 PM

So glad people still care about the Sims 3 and make such incredible mods! Huge thanks Butterbot

icemunmun 28th Jul 2016 12:29 PM

This has turned into one EPIC mod.Thank you so very much !

tizerist 28th Jul 2016 1:09 PM

Woah! I was expecting this to be good from the old creation thread, but it appears to have more extras than I thought it would. You can become dizzy trying to see all the features added! Thank you!

Butterbot 28th Jul 2016 1:19 PM

Thanks for the kind comments so far.

If anyone is interested in seeing a little bit how the sausage was made, so the speak, and the frankly amazing work that the testers have done, the changelogs for the alpha releases are on my user journal.

MiniMimi 28th Jul 2016 1:41 PM

Wow, you did an amazing job! I specially like the ginseng 'healing' soup and the different spreads. Finally bees are going to be useful!! I think I'll be making a sim that mainly relies on bees, eat honey spreads and sell candles

AngieMFAK77 28th Jul 2016 2:14 PM

I sat reading the description then immediately looked at the date on my PC thinking it was April 1st.
Thank You so much for tidying up and improving EA's broken crap. Where would we all be without awesome fixers and creators like you guys?

nixicole 28th Jul 2016 2:17 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Thank you for making such an awesome and in-depth mod! I look forward to actually making use of the canning station in future play sessions, now.

I did want to double check about editing the decrap_fixes file before I do it, since I don't normally mess with objd files at all. For the slot placement flags information that I'm changing, I just replace what's in the parentheses with what you said, right? Or do I need to change the number, too? I attached a jpeg image, in case it might help.

Once again, thank you.

attuned 28th Jul 2016 2:18 PM

It's here! I can attest to what a great mod this is. It adds some wonderful new interactions to the game (candle making- hooray). It was crafted with care and attention, and is well thought out and implemented. I love the presentation. I love this mod! Congratulations, Butterbot!

desiree101 28th Jul 2016 2:23 PM

This mod is unbelievable!!! I love it already and I haven't even tried it out yet, I know I'm going to love it - and use it - to death!
You've done so much to overhaul this item - all your notes, there is so much to read! I just can't beleive it lol.
This can't get in my game fast enough Thank you so much for making this mod, Butterbot! <3

martlet 28th Jul 2016 2:38 PM

OMG! (*_*) I was hoping and praying for a mod like this!
Thank you so so much! (^)(^^)
Now my sims will eat nutella!!! \(^_^)/ Yay!

desiree101 28th Jul 2016 2:50 PM

I have this mod installed that adds more slots and better rotation etc to the Canning Station:
but I guess it's not needed anymore, no?

SimsMatthew 28th Jul 2016 2:50 PM

If only EA gave us the canning stations actually with all these features! )
Thanks so much and you did a great job!

cdshrout1171 28th Jul 2016 3:00 PM

OMG I am soooo happy that you made this mod! Can we sell the canned goods using custom ingredients as well, just like the regular stuff?

cdshrout1171 28th Jul 2016 3:07 PM

Tomatoes make ketchup right? Is there a way that perhaps you could make it so that like Tomatoes with various other ingredients made spaghetti sauce? Like tomato with; basil, garlic, cheese, hamburger, onion, etc? Maybe someone could make oregano. Or you could make alfredo sauce with milk and/or cheese with garlic and olive oil....?

tangie0906 28th Jul 2016 3:07 PM

Butterbot, this is fantastic! You have done an amazing job. I love this so much and now share it with all my Simming friends! Thank you!

TadOlson 28th Jul 2016 3:09 PM


Butterbot 28th Jul 2016 3:22 PM


You've almost got it:

1. Select the canningJarJam OBJD resource like you did in S3PE.
2. Click on the "Grid" button at the bottom of the screen. This will pop up a new window titled "Data Grid".
3. Locate the row named "SlotPlacementFlags" and click on the small triangle next to it. This will expand the sub-rows it contains.
4. Set the flags mentioned in the mod's description to "True".
5. Click "Commit". This closes the Data Grid window and temporarily saves the changes just made.
6. Go to File --> Save to permanently save the changes.

Don't forget to back up the decrap_fixes file before making the changes in case you need to revert.

Enjoy the mod.

Melysa1973 28th Jul 2016 3:26 PM

This is absolutely amazing, and I can't imagine the hours put in to make it so. Thank you so much for all of the hard work! Thank goodness we have modders out there who are willing to put in the hours that EA should have!

Butterbot 28th Jul 2016 3:30 PM


Originally Posted by desiree101
I have this mod installed that adds more slots and better rotation etc to the Canning Station: but I guess it's not needed anymore, no?

Correct, you don't need that mod anymore. However, the Canning Station Overhaul's slots are arranged a little bit differently from that mod, so if you prefer to keep Everlasting Garden's version, put that mod into the Overrides folder and its slots will take precedence, provided that the Canning Station Overhaul is installed in your Mods/Packages folder (and not Overrides).


The custom canning jars can be sold via the inventory and through NRaas Consigner (I have not tested the latter myself, but one of the testers reported success with it).

daciasil 28th Jul 2016 3:42 PM

This is really great! It would be pretty cool if more of the supernatural and uni as well as store fruit could be utilized and become more functional like the ginger broth. That would probably be a lot of work lol but it would be amazing.

desiree101 28th Jul 2016 4:18 PM

Originally Posted by Butterbot

Correct, you don't need that mod anymore. However, the Canning Station Overhaul's slots are arranged a little bit differently from that mod, so if you prefer to keep Everlasting Garden's version, put that mod into the Overrides folder and its slots will take precedence, provided that the Canning Station Overhaul is installed in your Mods/Packages folder (and not Overrides).


The custom canning jars can be sold via the inventory and through NRaas Consigner (I have not tested the latter myself, but one of the testers reported success with it).

Thanks Butterbot! I think one mod is enough This is fantastic, now my sim can have Scrambled eggs on toast!

I can confirm, the jars can be sold via the consignment store with NRaas Consigner installed. Sometimes you have to click on the consignment clerk rather than the register itself to be able to sell more stuff, I don't know why.
Also, they sell very well with Ani's Produce Stand and her Savvier Seller mod

barbarat 28th Jul 2016 4:20 PM

Butterbot, Absolutely FANTASTIC. Thank you so much for this. :D

magdalenepoet 28th Jul 2016 4:32 PM

Thank you for making this, Butterbot, and for adding all the functions to the Canning Station that you did, such as candlemaking. One would have thought that EA would have added these functions to it, but unfortunately they did not. But this is where wonderful creators such as you step in, and make things better. Thank you for being thoughtful, and for improving on EA's Canning Station. I cannot wait for more Sims 3 creations from you.

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