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d_dgjdhh 12th Aug 2016 7:12 AM

NCI - "Christmas With Sonic" Collectable Stills
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As part of NCI's souvenirs collection, we present to you some MUCH nicer looking collectables based off of the popular annual short movies created by Balena Productions, seen HERE. Below are comparisons of the pictures. One from the movie, and one from the picture in-game.

Because these pieces are MUCH nicer with the mahogany wood frames, these pieces of memorabilia can be your Sim's for the higher value price of 500 simoleons each. They are "signed" by the sketcher of the stills in digital ink. They can be found in your catalog's Wall Hangings sub-section. There's no Certificate Of Authenticity as was the case with the previous Sonic collectable. The sketches were shaded & interpreted by the folks at NCI.

Place these pictures anywhere you'd like in your Sim's home. They are 2 tiles wide, and so having it prominently displayed is an option. Incidentally, the painting comes as only 1 object in the game. The other stills are from the recolor option in the buy mode catalog. So don't go crazy finding where the other 3 paintings are, because they'll never appear!

NCI Download Policies for this thread of (August 12, 2016) regarding:

You may use this download in your game however you wish. Enjoy it & if you feel like it, give feedback on how it works. Do not make money off of this creation.

Do not upload this creation onto other websites. Instead, please link back to this download thread from your website.

If you wish to convert or remix this creation for use in other games, please contact me by private message or e-mail for an arrangement on what you'd like to do with this creation.

This policy will supersede the above policies with condition to the following order, whichever event occurs first:
a. You may redistribute/remix this download anyway you'd like (with the condition that you credit me for the original download) after 5 years of the date listed in this policy, OR
b. You may redistribute/remix this download anyway you'd like (with the condition that you credit me for the original download) in case I become inactive after 2 years of the Last Activity date listed in my profile.
If neither conditions occur, then the above policies remain in effect.

Additional Credits
Credit goes to Quaxi's "SimPE" for making it possible to create the painting as stand alone.

Credit goes to MilkShape 3D for their meshing software.

Credit goes to Photoshop CS2 for the processing of the images.

Credit goes to SEGA for creating Sonic The Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Manic The Hedgehog, and Sonia The Hedgehog.

Credit goes to Balena Productions for creating their movies. You can see the latest of the series on YouTube here, for those of you Sonic fans who haven't seen it before. You'd probably want to start with the first of the three movies ("Christmas With Sonic") to understand the progression of the stories. Don't worry, it's between 15 to 20 minute long per movie.

Polygon Counts:
Faces: 86
Vertices: 116

carrit 13th Aug 2016 8:07 AM

This is awesome! I love sonic. Thanks for sharing!

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