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Cycle 2 - Part III
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This far into the competition, Diana needed a new makeover. She was far too pink and needed to change in order for the host to feel she deserves to win, which she has a big shot at now. And now she deserves to win!

And so do the other two! Here we have the three semi-finalists: Diana Segerfeldt, Sibylla Croona and Elisabeth Sellén! Who do you think will win? You have 1/3 chance to guess right!

Will it be Diana Segerfeldt?

Sibylla Croona?

Or Elisabeth Sellén?

Before we find out, the girls have to travel to Three Lakes and photograph their jacket ad!

Diana Segerfeldt

Sibylla Croona

Elisabeth Sellén

And then it was done! Now it remains a few days before we get to know who is going out next time.

Then we also know who will be our two finalists!

Will Diana be one of them?

Or Sibylla? Or Elisabeth?

The risk for one of them to go out is only 1/3 ...
But everyone has the same risk! So there is no way to predict who is going out.

But if you put yourself in a trap, the risk is greater.

But the girls replace each other at the piano, it seems. One cannot know who will go out.
Who is taking care of herself the worst?

Goodbye, Diana Segerfeldt.

And so we have our two finalists! Elisabeth Sellén...

... and Sibylla Croona!

Not much remains to be done before we know who the winner will be, of Simland's Next Top Townie Model Season 2!

Will it be Sibylla Croona, the soft but sharp beauty with flowing hair?

Or will it be Elisabeth Sellén, the young, fierce and exotic teenage chick?

Soon we will know!

As normally, all clothes that they have been shot in throughout the season are shown!

Pontus Borg from the Victouri legacy passes by while the girls spend their last days in the house.

Elisabeth sits in the trap!

And she doesn't seem to want to leave it. Is this her downfall, or will she manage, against all odds?

Sibylla doesn't seem to be interested in getting caught in any trap.

She is more interested in winning. Will she succeed? Or will she fall on other shortcomings? Let me mention that the last elimination in each season is special. Not only the number of friends and the need level count, but there the entirety counts. That's friends, HOW good friends they are with their friends, the needs, and also the aspiration level! Therefore, it is ensured between each shoot that everyone starts with the same aspiration level.

The winner is...

Not Elisabeth Sellén!


She was not only the best in this round, but won as a whole as well. Everything was counted, but she still won!

Sibylla has proven that she is the best at this game! So it was the soft but sharp beauty with flowing hair who ended up winning this year's edition of Simland's Next Top Townie Model!

As usual, she gets a private underwear shoot. It was fortunate that she got the underwear shoot, so that she got to replace her ugly underwear. Because they are allowed to keep their clothes afterwards!

The longer you stay in the competition, the more clothes you get. And the more photos you get.

Sibylla was the only one who managed to stay in the competition and get 100% of all the pictures and clothes you could get! She also won §100,000!

Sibylla Croona is Simland's Next Top Model !!!
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