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Cycle 2 - Part II
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Now they travel to Twikkii Island for the swimsuit shoot!

Barbara Melander

Diana Segerfeldt

Sibylla Croona

Elisabeth Sellén

Lilly Sehlin

After the shoot, they enjoy themselves with a little hula hula.

When they come home, they enjoy American football.

Barbara looks extremely amused.

Fortunately, no one needs to get into the piano trap this time around! A repulsive NPC takes over it!

Unfortunately, she eventually leaves it and Lilly sits there anyway.

Barbara swims as usual.

Aw, check out little Elisabeth!

Aw, check out dumb Diana who sits down at the bubble blower trap!

The others are a little smarter than that, and take care of their needs.

But not everyone...

Barbara, who used to be so good, sits down in the other trap!

Who gets knocked out?

For whom is the performance in the house not enough?

Sibylla looks like a real supermodel when she moves in the water.

Who are having it cosy inside the tent?

And who is too cosy instead of taking care of the needs?

Elisabeth gets an outlet for her childishness.

You can tell she isn't an adult.

Just hope the teenagers are grown up enough to take care of themselves properly as the adults.

Because they're doing a pretty good job at it.

Unfortunately, that was not the case for Lilly Sehlin. She went out, having been a great favorite.
She was a great favorite because she nearly didn't join at all! She was first deemed too "ugly", but I regretted it when I saw her in the crowd and thought she was indeed beautiful! Therefore, she became a favorite and I would have liked to see her as a winner. But that was not the case! Now we have another go, let's find the real, well-deserved winner!

The journey to Takemizu Village sets off!

Barbara Melander takes her best picture so far!
It's probably the best so far, of both seasons.

Diana Segerfeldt

Sibylla Croona

Elisabeth Sellén

Elisabeth gets a new makeover when her blush is removed.
A long way into the competition, the host must feel that ALL who are left deserve to win, and those who don't look perfect will usually get a new makeover to really be able to deserve the win.

Do you think everyone here deserves to win?
Or do you think someone doesn't?

Whoever wins, has earned it, since she has taken care of herself the best while she has acquired the most friends. But she still has to be a delight for the eye to have on a picture in the house throughout the next season.

That is the only part that is up to the host. The rest is up to the contestants!
Elisabeth sits down in the trap.

Those who sleep do not take care of their needs as Energy is not included in the total needs meter.

But it is still necessary to be able to take care of the other needs! Something that is not necessary is what Diana is doing now.

Or now.

Barbara looks unusually content. Does she feel safe?

No one can be... especially not when they sit in traps all the time.

But it's good that they work on friendship. It's prio number 1. Because that is counted first. Whoever has the lowest need level is not necessarily the one who goes out. It is the number of friends that counts first.

And this time it was Barbara who didn't cut it.
She took the best picture but unfortunately it is not what counts. Otherwise, the winner could have been chosen from the beginning by the host. You could have chosen the most beautiful right away. No, because the winner is the one who is best at the game itself. Which Barbara Melander was not. Thus, she had to leave the competition.

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