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Cycle 2 - Part I
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Welcome to Simland's Next Top Townie Model Cycle 2! In case you have forgotten it, this is a competition that aims to find the beautiful townie who can take care of her needs and get friends on her own, enough to avoid being eliminated! Exactly at 7 am every free day, the girl with the least number of friends, and the lowest need level, if several of them have as many friends, will be disqualified. Here are all applicants for Cycle 2!

The biggest reason not to go further is ugliness. Then comes age. Only the ages teen, young adult and adult are allowed.

And only girls are allowed. Here, Lyra tries to say goodbye to the applicants who did not get in, and gets a random kiss from a stranger.

And here they are!

The competitors in Cycle 2 of Simland's Next Top Townie Model! The contestants are ...

Elisabeth Sellén

Beatrice Rosdahl

Lilly Sehlin

Barbara Melander

Lotta Mårtensson

Sibylla Croona

Lotta Hammarström

Diana Segerfeldt

In this cycle we have, besides adults, also three teenagers!

Who do you think will win this cycle?

Beatrice and Lotta H get to know each other.

For the teenagers Elisabeth and Lilly it is considerably easier!

They jump straight into a pillow fight!

Beatrice is the first to sit down at the other great needs drainer: The piano!

And Lotta H sits at the needs drainer number 1. The reason they are called that is because both the bubble blower and the piano make the sims sit there for several hours so that they never take care of their needs! The bubble blower, however, is worse because the sims can be "rescued" from the piano when the music lovers' club leader visits. There is no one to rescue them from the bubble blower until they themselves have too low needs. So that is number 1.

Lotta M also sits down at the bubble blower.

And so do Elisabeth and Sibylla! Now the bubble blower seats are full, so no one else risks being caught in this trap!

It takes a long time before they leave. So long that Elisabeth and Lotta M faint on the way from there!

For some reason, the sims like more to drink alcohol than eating, to fix their hunger. They also like to...

... sleep on the floor instead of in bed.

Lotta Hammarström was the one to leave first!

The rest of the girls get MAKEOVERS!

Elisabeth Sellén gets black hair to accentuate her exotic side.

Beatrice Rosdahl gets long, beautiful hair in a nicer color.

Lilly Sehlin's hair was already perfect for her face's bone structure. Instead, she gets beautiful makeup to emphasize her features and special eye shape.

Barbara Melander's makeover was one of the most dramatic. Red, short hair was not right for her face shape and skin color. She gets long, flowing black hair. Her makeover from short, red hair to long, black hair makes her look like the famous model Fatima Siad from America's Next Top Model.

Lotta Mårtensson already suited in short hair. But it is bleached and she gets some extensions. Blue makeup makes her unique in this competition.

Sibylla Croona gets long, flowing, shiny black hair instead of her short hair. It makes her a real model.

Diana Segerfeldt also gets a unique look in this competition by giving her pink hair. Pinky becomes her second name!

The girls do not find it difficult to maintain a good atmosphere in the group.

Instead, they play with each other as if it were a summer camp.

Good atmosphere and good cohesion.

But who does not measure up?
Who is outside of this strong cohesion?

Bad girl! Lilly is far too young to drink alcohol, but she doesn't care about that! Luckily Lyra stands with her back against her, otherwise she might have been ashamed.

Night or day, the bubble blower is constantly occupied.

Someone who is eager to sleep in the tent instead of on the floor is Barbara.

Beatrice is saved from the piano!

And Barbara takes a refreshing dip.

To later hang out with Beatrice.

While Elisabeth sleeps on a chair.

Diana is among the few who choose what should be the obvious choice of sleeping place.

The others may not feel comfortable sharing a bed so they solve it in other ways.

But Lilly got a bed for herself.

The result is that Diana becomes active after a good night's sleep.

So active that she kicks through the glass!

The evening comes and there is a party as usual.

Which Hanna Kardell was invited to! The last winner of Simland's Next Top Townie Model!

Even Greta Clarin is invited, a previous participant.

The contest gets too much for Lilly, and she breaks out in WHINING.

Someone who doesn't whine is Sibylla, she is a tough gal who doesn't need a shower - for her a sponge wash will do.

All their drinking is starting to be unhealthy.

Someone who actually takes care of her needs properly is Barbara.

Which this girl didn't do. Beatrice Rosdahl had to leave the competition!

Now it is time for the girls' first catwalk in the home! Here you see Lilly Sehlin!

Sibylla Croona

Elisabeth Sellén

Lotta Mårtensson

Barbara Melander

Diana Segerfeldt

The photoshoot went well and Barbara and Elisabeth discuss it.

Diana ended up in the trap! Will she be rescued before it's too late?

Lilly and Sibylla make things less serious.

Things get a little more serious when Lotta and Sibylla witness a lightning strike!

Which has devastating consequences for their needs!

Sibylla made it but Lotta Mårtensson was eliminated.

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