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10th Sep 2018, 5:44 PM
I started this challenge on my youtube and you can find that HERE (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNzDMw7BQcI&list=PLhxCgDz10KcUMKPY81J5GrjF1WuDwjHmP) if you would like to watch it.

I had an idea to do a challenge where my sim had to build everything for the town. So I started googling to see if there was any challenges already out there that did what I was looking for. A few that I found wasn't really what I was looking for. I wanted to also create all the rabbit hole lots along with the residential lots with out having to move into each house and leave other sims behind. I didn't want to have to repopulate the whole town with just my sim either so I decided to create my own. So here is what I have come up with so far.

I was requested to write down the rules for this challenge so here are the challenge rules!

From the Ground Up! Challenge

Background Story:
Your sim has come from an over crowded town with lots of noise and pollution. They have traveled far away from any civilization and has settled here to start over from scratch. This area has no buildings, no houses and no residents. This is a great place for your sim to start over in life and build everything from scratch from the ground up.


Pick any world you like and go into Edit Town and delete every house and building. This includes any rabbit holes.
Remove all existing families. (Remember, this area is completely vacant)
Pick your sim either by creating new or a preexisting one.
Your lifespan can be what ever you want, I suggest a long one. I'm using a fairy so I have a very long life span.
Place your sim on any empty lot and delete everything in their inventory and house inventory (if it's a preexisting sim)
Set your sim's money to $0


Your sim will not have a job to start out with so you will need to make money in other ways like fishing, searching for flowers or gems to sell.
Once your sim has some money you can do other things to make money as well like painting, photography, writing for example.
Once some job buildings are placed you can have your sim have a job along with previous mentions of money making activities.
Your sim can buy properties or become business owners to make money as well.
Renting houses out if you have Nraas Story Progression Money Module (http://nraas.wikispaces.com/StoryProgression)
:!: ~When you build the house to rent, you don't need to build with your own money otherwise your sim will end up spending double the cost. Build the house then go in and have your sim rent it out.
:!: ~Once a residential lot has been created for a certain category, you can add to it later as long as it doesn't take it out of it's original category; for example: a starter home changing to a family home.


There can be NO residents living in the town until there is a house sufficient enough for them to live.
For example: must have fridge, toilet, bed and shower/tub along with all flooring and wallpapers in the home as well.
Once there is a place for a sim to move in, you can move any sim in you want or an immigrant can move in. No Immigrants are aloud to move into any empty lots so make sure they are all set to no visitors until a residential lot is built.


All community and residential lots must be built by your sim.
All rabbit holes and scenery items like the water tower will cost your sim $1000 Simoleons
Any spawning objects are $500 simoleons
Any other objects that do not have a price on them to start with will cost your sim $100 Simoloeons
All Parks must be built by your sim.
All active job's that need a building need to be built by your sim.


Press Ctrl + Shift+ C at the same time to open the cheat window
Type in testingcheatsenabled true
Find the lot your want to build on and hold Shift and Press the Left Mouse Button
Click Build/Buy on this lot
This will allow you to build on that lot using your sim's money. Remember to deduct any of the building costs mentioned above from your sim's cash


Your sim can have any personal life you choose. Once there are residents living in your town, your sim can date, get married, have children or your sim can live alone for their entire life. However you choose. :)

This challenge is complete when your sim has build all of these building requirements:

5 Starter Homes
10 family homes costing less than $150,000 simoleons
5 Luxury homes costing over $150,000 simoleons
1 small park
1 large park (a festival grounds would be counted as a large park)
1 of each rabbit hole job
1 School
2 Restaurants
1 tattoo parlor
1 fire station
1 consignment store (the elixir consignment store will count for this as well)
1 library
1 museum
2 lounges or dance clubs (Vampire lounges will count for this too)
1 salon
1 junk yard
1 gym
1 laundromat
1 cafe/coffee house

Any community lot can be combined with another community lot. For example, a tattoo parlor can be built with a salon. More than two can be built together which comes in handy when your not working with very many lots in the world or it's a small island. If you do not have an expansion pack that has one of the requirement builds listed above that is okay.


You can only fail the challenge if one thing were to happen, your sim dies before the above requirements are met.

There is a possibility of any of these rules changing as I go along in my video series as I have not tested out this challenge. Any ideas or suggestions or if I missed anything in the rules are welcome!

Let me know how this challenge is going for you!


30th Oct 2018, 12:06 PM
I started a game similar to this and had to place a few community lots and my town's main library has a city hall rabbit hole rug for editing the chances of alien abductions resulting in pregnancies.I placed skill requiremnents for aditional building and they also have to build their house first before any other buildings get built in edit town.I also did require lots for new families to have a mailbox,trash bin. wall section,burglar alarm,fire alarm,sleeping bags and laptop computers though cheap ones.The founders have to get a house built before winter arrives and survive their first winter before adding to their house and they also have to start growing plants on their lot before the second winter and new families could begin arriving the following year in late spring or early summer.I allow chess tables and martial arts equipment to start showing up after a second household is in town.Building is based on donations on community lots or taxes collected from incomes.

20th Feb 2019, 10:43 PM

I made a change in the rules when it comes to building the house you want to rent out to your town.

Thank you for all of your support!