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26th Aug 2018, 12:32 PM
Your sim start live in new house, but house is strange. If you want normal life, you have to stop it. Sometimes house is good, but sometimes is bad.

How to play

1.Sim First, you make your Sim, only one. You can choose gender. Sim have to be Young Adult or Teenager (if you can do it that teen live alone)
Sim have to have traits : Loner, Over-Emotional, Insane. other traits is your decidion ( One good and one bad)

2. You bring the sim to place far from the city center and build little house(at most 10 x10 ), You can't have cellar, and you can hace only one level in your house. After build walls, doors, windows and floors, you should have 10.000 $ .

3.Your sim will close in house most of the time. Sim can't shopping when is close in house. First day you should buy all you need. first night, your sim will sleepy before 22 o'clock. when he/she go sleep you close house (Place the fence around the plot without entrances. Block All doors outside. you are making water around the plot. )

Rules when the house is closed

ofcorse, you can't get out with house

you can't open buy mode / build mode

you can't sold anything

you can't have fire alarm (you can use fire extinguisher or go to different room and wait to end of fire)

you can't used a mirror and wardrobe to change sim

you can't buy food in fridge

you can't used phone

You have to deleted bailiff or different sims who come to you

you can't used internet

you can't watch TV

Child and Teen can't go to school

When is end ?
When your sim know Handiness on 10 level,
When your sim know Handiness and Cooking on 10 level, and have one or more child in Toddler age
When your sim know Handiness and Cooking on 10 level, and have one or more child in YA age
When your sim know Handiness and Cooking and Gardening on 10 level, and have two or more child in teen age

when you do this, house will open forever


you can't used cheats (exept when you have to deleted other sims or reset sim)
you can't adopt baby
your sim have to live alone when you start.
everyday you must draw special event.
you can't have job
all new sims disappear after 24 hours ( not your children)
you can't get newspapers
you can have a car, but when house is close you can't use it

Special Events
1.house have a bad day, He blocked wather. you can't used water 24 hours
2.House have funny day, He hid all your food, you can't eat next 18 hours
3.Today you have pain head, you can't learn anythig next 24 hours
4.today morning in house wake up one new person this is Female.
5.today morning in house wake up one new person this is Male.
6.inside house now is too hot, your energy is yellow all the time, This end after 19 o'clock
7.the oldest baby is take by second parent, becouse He/She think than you are bad parent ( if you don't have a baby you live like in other day)
8.home is happy and open next 10 hours. you can to city and shoping and sold.
9.in house now is new tomb ( random sim )
10.Today is without special events
11.Oh No ! House ate all your money.
12.today house is good for child they can go to city, but they can't shoping
13.House doing joke on you, and when you take shower, water make red and your hair are red next 5 days.( If you have red hair, your sim have green hair 5 days)
14.today you can go to city, but only for fun, not for shoping ( All sims in house)
15.If in house is at least 3 sims,now one is free and gone to new home.