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23rd Aug 2018, 9:58 AM
I started playing Sims 3 with the base game, a few expansion and stuff packs along with mods. I’ve never really played the base game alone without mods until a few weeks ago when I decided to try. Well, I found out I needed a mod and I needed a goal to continue playing without all Expansion Packs (EP) and Stuff Packs (SP). So I’ve come up with the Lifetime Wish Challenge (LW). [I play with a Super Sim, but this can be played in a Legacy format.]

To complete all the Lifetime Wishes within the Sims 3 EPs you own.

There are 87 Lifetime Wishes (LW) in Sims 3. Play this challenge with the EPs you have.
32 LW in Sims 3
8 LW in World Adventures
8 LW in Ambitions
6 LW in Late Night
7 LW in Pets
3 LW in Showtime
9 LW in Supernatural
6 LW in University Life
4 LW in Island Paradise
3 LW in Into the Future


One Sim (Super Sim) will complete every LW. In case of death, the super sim will need one YA or A in the household or at death the game is over.
Gameplay setting is Long. Use Ambrosia or your Lifetime Rewards to extend life.
All LWs that come with an EP will be completed within that EPs world before adding the next EP to the game. Example: 32 LWs that are in the base game must be completed in Sunset Valley. The same goes for the 6 LWs in Late Night must be completed in Bridgeport and so on.
EPs without LWs will be added in order of the original EP release date or at the beginning of the challenge. I added Generations and Seasons at the beginning of my challenge because both added no LWs to Sims 3.
You can add all SPs at the beginning of the LP because they add no value to this challenge’s points.
Mods are fair play. You can’t cheat skill levels or happiness points to help jump through employment levels to complete an LW. You can, however, use a Mod to adjust Lifetime Happiness Reward value in half or greater or less but not a zero setting. You can speed up or slow down skill learning, but not jump levels.
NO MONEY CHEATS. Money cheats will cheat the LWs that pertains to wealth. You can use your Lifetime Happiness (LH) point to purchase rewards that will add funds to the household since you have earned the LH points.
All CC is fair.
All additional sims in the active household have NO LW value to the Super Sim quest. The choice to play out any children lives to better the future of the Super Sim for Into the Future is optional but add no points to this LP.
If your game is giving issues for whatever reason and you can’t deal with the growth of the file size, you can save your household with only what is in their personal inventories to the bin at the end of an EP’s LWs completion. With the addition of the next EP, you can start a new game in the new town that came with the added EP. Doing this should help keep your game file size as small as possible.

EPs are added as follows:

The Sims 3 base game 2009
World Adventure EP01 2009 included vacation worlds: Champs Les Sims (France), Al Simhara (Egypt), Shang Simla (China) all travel worlds,
Ambitions EP02 2010 included Twinbrook,
Late Night EP03 2010 included Bridgeport,
Generations EP04 2011 - optional,
Pets EP05 2011 included Appaloosa Plains,
Showtime EP06 included Starlight Shores,
Supernatural EP07 2012 included Moonlight Falls,
Seasons EP08 2013 - optional,
University Life EP09 2013 included Sims University a travel world,
Island Paradise EP10 2013 included Isla Paradiso,
Into the Future EP11 2013 included Oasis Landing a travel world

The entire list of rules I play with and a list of the mods can be found at thatgrandma.tumblr (http://thatgrandma.tumblr.com)
To keep from restarting my challenge I have a YouTube channel that documents my journey. Check it out at thatGrandma (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_NXCPhM5KSXrbAMgWLMH6Q)

Feel free to adapt this challenge to your liking.

27th Sep 2018, 2:30 PM
I have an idea of the point in the challenge to add scores to, but I have questions on how to add them. Maybe I'm making this harder than I think it actually is.

1. Once scoring is added, do I have to monitor it? If I do, then how do I monitor it?