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30th Jun 2018, 10:07 PM
Something terrible has happened. Nuclear war was declared, and everywhere outside of (world you're playing in) is an irradiated wasteland! With no resources coming in from outside, the town will have to be overhauled into a self-sufficient haven, lead by (your sim) who is receiving divine guidance from the Watcher themselves.

At least, that's what (your sim) is telling everybody...

This challenge is based on the latest Far Cry game. In it, fictional Hope County Montana is taken over by a doomsday cult who seems convinced that "The End" is upon them and only the faithful will be saved. There will be 5 segments of this challenge and each one must be completed before the next one begins.


This stage is all about pre-game creation. You will create "The Lens" your prophet and their family. The only person you are required to make is the Prophet, but you can add anyone you'd like to their family.

The Prophet claims to be receiving guidance from the Watcher (That would be you the player, the "God" of the Sims world) on how to lead the rest of Simmanity through these dark times. This person must have the Charismatic, Ambitious, and Schmoozer traits. The remaining two traits can be whatever. You can make this sim any gender, age or occult type you like. If they have a family, they must also have the Charismatic trait.

Place them in a non-urban world (Any world except Bridgeport) and begin Stage 2.


Your prophet and their family will now integrate themselves into the community. The Prophet shall get a job in the government, and they and the rest of the family will go around making both friends and money.

To increase both of these things, the holy family will purchase community lots and furnish them for the greatest return on investment. If any rabbit holes are purchased, only family friends may work there. Eventually, the family will purchase the town library and begin stage 3.


After acquiring the town library, set up a place on it where the Prophet can give speeches or other attention-grabbing performances. Use this technique to alert everyone in the town of the will of the Watcher, and that doomsday is upon them. Meanwhile, continue buying up properties, and when there are no available properties left, you may begin stage 4.


It seems the prophecy has come to pass and the world outside is a barren wasteland. Anyone who leaves this town is surely doomed to death by radiation. At this stage, you must turn off the setting that allows new people to move into town. This is the longest stage as you're basically going to re-design the town into your personal cult compound. These are the following build rules:

-There are to be absolutely no empty lots.
-All lots classed as "Park" must feature a garden with harvestable plants or a stocked fishing pond. Basically, turning it into a farm.
-Books in the Library/church must be either skill books or books the holy family has written. (Certain bookshelves only offer skill books when placed on a community lot, but I'm not sure which ones)
-You may wish to construct a "community college" so Sims may get degrees without going to university. However, the uneducated are easier to control...
-Only the holy family may have a computer. Any other computer must be destroyed.
-Only the holy family may have a car. All parking spaces and cars must be destroyed. Only bicycles or Horses may be used as transportation. The Store Tractor is an exception to the rule, as it runs on a track. Boats are permitted in island worlds, but only non-powered boats or jet skis.
-Once again, only followers (friends) of the Prophet may be employed in any prophet-owned rabbit hole or business venture.
-Any resort lot type must be replaced with something else.
-The holy family may collect a tithe by charging rent on residential properties Obviously, you can't collect rent if there are no tenants, so monitor this.
-Any deceased must be turned over to the holy family.
-Female sims will be "encouraged" to have many babies. Whenever a baby is born, the holy family will give the new parent(s) a generous gift. The gift's value will, of course, be dependant on how much the rest of the holy family likes them.
-If the prophet is male, he may take as many "concubines" as he wishes. Whenever he engages in Woohoo, the "Try for baby" option must always be picked.
-But if the prophet is female, she can have many male lovers but is only allowed to "breed" with her husband. It's a double standard, yes, but one that is mirrored in many real-life cults.

You can keep playing this stage for as long as you like, but there is one event that will lead directly into stage 5.


The Prophet has died, Hopefully, it was a death by old age. But their ruse has been discovered. Chaos reigns supreme, and there are only two options to end this:

1. If the prophet had a family, they are to sell off all assets and "disappear". Whether this is by death or by moving elsewhere is up to you.

2. If the prophet was a single sim, good job! The game is over!

Have fun!