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Gargoyle Cat
18th Jun 2018, 3:29 AM
For those that want to reply, feel free to offer as little or much information you would like about your favorite authors. I know what kind of books I like to read, but I tend to stick with what I know. I'm looking to expand my horizons as it were.

Sadly, I'm not bilingual ( I'm a bit envious of those that are...) so please keep this in mind. :)

19th Jun 2018, 11:39 PM
Off the top of my head: Agatha Christie because Poirot is rad yo, John le Carré because espionnage :)

I clearly usually go for the murder mystery thriller, but not the gross kind cos that's just nasty. Fantasy is nice too, but it can't drone on and on (no book should do that). Also books where "nothing" happens or where romance is suddenly intorduced and becomes the main focus are the worst. Like who does that to a person?

What do you like to read?

20th Jun 2018, 12:06 AM
I usually read trivia and small articles compiled on yearly basis of standout, outrageously strange and bizarre articles like a court case where two men both named Peter Maxwell were suing each other for damages for giant industrial baking equipment one of them dented. They settled out of court.

So, I commend the contributions from the Bathroom Reader's Institute for the Uncle John's Bathroom Reader series. It's worth a cheap laugh and you might learn slang that correlates with a subculture or an era.

My favorite slang: Gandermooner (noun, Victorian era) refers to a man who fools around with other women a month after his wife gives birth.

Too bad I haven't found one for men who dally before the birth.

20th Jun 2018, 12:28 AM
Isaac Asimov, for...everything. The man literally has works in every category of the dewey decimal system except philosophy.
Bernard Cornwell, for historical fiction. He's hysterical, and his novels are exceptionally detailed.
Wendell Berry for comfort novels and discomforting nonfiction about the plight of America.
Bill Kauffman, Joseph Pearce, and Anthony Esolen for culture and literary criticism.

20th Jun 2018, 12:30 AM
Some of my favorites and a few from books I'm currently reading or have read recently, in no particular order:
(mostly fantasy and magical crime/mystery, with a bit of dystopia and sci-fi thrown in. Some are well known authors, others less so)

- JK Rowling (HP is the main reason I got into Fantasy and Sci-Fi in the first place, so while everyone and their grandmother knows of her books, she gets a mention anyway. I've also read the Casual Vacancy book, and it was alright, though somewhat boring in places)
- Jim Butcher (I LOVE the Dresden files! And the Codex Alera series is quite alright, too)
- Kevin Hearne (the "Iron Druid Chronicles" - they're in the same street as the Dresden Files, and I really like them)
- Benedict Jacka (the Alex Verus series, also reminds me of Dresden Files, and may possibly exist in the same universe in the author's head-canon...)
- Rick Riordan (Everything. Just... Everything! They're 10+/teen/YA, but can be enjoyed by older "kids" too, particularly if you like greek/roman/norse/egyptian mythology)
- Terry Goodkind (the Sword of Truth series is one of my favorite series, the R&K is a good but not awesome addition to the original, the current Nicci continuation to the series I can't quite decide on because of the writing style - too much repetition. "Law of Nines" was alright, perhaps a bit better since I'd read the SoT series first. I've tried his "Nest" book too, and while I kinda liked it the premise is somewhat weird, and it also suffers from the repetition issue. Most of his books have several graphic and adult scenes, so they're not for kids - just so you're warned).
- Michael Grant (Gone and Monster series, more in the teen/YA street - I'm halfway into the first book in the "Monster" series at the moment).
- Eoin Colfer (mostly the Artemis Fowl series - they're maybe a bit in the 10+ lane, but still quite fun. Haven't read them in ages, though).
And tons more. By the way, I do read other things than fantasy, but I can't remember any of the authors at the moment...