View Full Version : "Missing" TXMTs for Season's Orchard trees

18th May 2018, 11:57 AM
I am trying to make custom Seasons orchard trees to go with my custom garden plots, but I am having problems with the package "seeing" all the TXMTs as being part of itself.

The TXMTs attached via SHPE are fine. It is the extra ones, which are used via the ChangeMaterials function. They are not showing up on the scenegraph,where I know they should be visible as orphans, and they of course do the blue flashy thing in game.

I cloned the tree using Echo's seasonal trees tutorial, which I also used for the garden crops. I made the model - materials string default language only and I made the materials changing BHAV private,and pointed the change materials at the private strings. I have done fix TGI and fix integrity on all the TXMT's. I have also tried cloning a "visible" TXMT and doing the same, also importing TXMTs from other objects.

I guess I must have overlooked something. I am attaching the latest version of the tree and I would be really grateful if someone who knows more than me about these things could have a look at it.

10th Jun 2018, 1:32 PM
I have been working on this again, and whether by cloning resources or importing them, I can't get the package to recognise more than 8 txmts. I also tried with the Japanese Maple tree. With this I cloned txmts and got the package to recognise them easy- peasy up to eleven but after that - no dice. Its almost as if the package has somewhere an upper limit set?

Has anyone else had an experience like this?