View Full Version : The most Awful family in Sunset Valley (Legacy challenge)

13th Apr 2018, 1:44 PM
The name is based on one of the more obscure Monty Python sketches. Since so many legacy challenges center around creating the "perfect" family who has a "perfect" life, I propose a legacy where the family is full of some of the most messed up people you've ever seen. Despite the name, you don't actually have to make them live in Sunset Valley.

To begin, we follow these steps:

1. Pick your LEAST favorite world to settle the family in.

2. Create one to eight sims. There must be at least one YA sim. They can be of any occult type, but the can only have these traits: Absent-minded, Can't stand art, Insane, Neurotic, Unstable, Clumsy, Couch potato, Coward, Slob, Unlucky, Brooding, Commitment issues, Dislikes Children, Dramatic, Grumpy, Inappropriate, Loser, Mean-spirited, mooch, No sense of humor, snob, socially awkward, supernatural skeptic, flirty, No sense of humor, Childish, Evil, Hates the outdoors, hot-headed, Kleptomaniac, or rebellious.

3. This family will settle in your least favorite town and proceed to terrorize the population with their horrid antics.

Now, as this is a legacy challenge, you'll want to have many horrible children and continue your reign of terror as long as possible. So there will be certain rules for gameplay:

-Sims in this horrible family can ONLY be employed in the Criminal, Scientist, Government, Fortune Teller, or Business career tracks. They can have any skill job, but the only profession open to them is the ghost hunter profession.
-Making enemies is encouraged, but the family is free to breed with any sim that has at least ONE of the above traits. Sims may play black widow and marry a rich sim with none of those traits, but they cannot breed with them if they lack the necessary traits.
-if the family invests in properties around town, you must fire all but one of the employees in all businesses, and you must reduce properties to their lowest tier.

The goal is to last as many generations as possible, and making the town a worse place for being here. Have fun!

14th Apr 2018, 5:55 AM
I'll think about doing this, I'm not so sure just yet.

27th Apr 2018, 4:55 PM
What does: if the family invests in properties around town..... "and you must reduce properties to their lowest tier." mean? Thanks!

Ghost sdoj
28th Apr 2018, 2:26 AM
You know how you can upgrade a property such as a park or the art museum by building more amenities on it? You can also downgrade a property by removing amenities. (So don't buy the cemetery... the only way to downgrade it is to remove the mausoleum.)