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River Sun
7th Apr 2018, 5:15 PM
Welcome to the challenge (Stay with me as I post a quick disclaimer)
This is not an accurate representation of how training these animals works. The Sims can only do so much. Also, please remember not to pass off your pet as a SD. It hurts those who actually need them. Also remember that ESA are not given public access passes. They can only go where pets are allowed. Please don't be stupid and do what I told you not to do. For more information on the laws, check out the ADA page for laws (if you live in America). Otherwise, find who runs the show with Service Dogs and read up on the laws.

Onto The Challenge
In this challenge, you are a running a training center for Service Dogs, and on the side (just for fun) training Emotional Support Animals (ESA). Please note in real life ESA are not given any type of formal training that you will be doing in this game.

You're a young adult, fresh out of college. You've been wanting to help your community in any way possible. So one day while browsing the web, you find out that professional training places for Service Dogs are being shut down from bankruptcy. You decide that's how you'd help others. So you set off to go get training in how to train these dogs. After a few years, you've finished and are given an empty plot of land and a 50,000 simoleon grant to build the beginning of your building.

Starting The Challenge
To start, do the following:
- Create a young adult sim (anything works, even supernaturals)
- Give them a dog (It's a practice dog to see if you really can train dogs)
- *Optional* Give them an ESA (can be any animal, though horse would be a bit difficult)
- Move them in to an empty lot (size doesn't matter)
- Give them 50,000 more simoleons than what they have
- Build a house (see below for what must be in the house)

Building the Training Center
In order to be given more dogs to train, your house must have the following:
-Two floors
- A bedroom
- 2 bathrooms (A master and guest)
- A training yard
- A kitchen
- A living room
- A pet room
- A work room (Chair, desk, computer)

How to Play
To play, you first must train the dog you made. You have 2 sim weeks to fully train them. Training means having them master all tricks and learning to at least hunting level 3. If you did that, congrats you can adopt shelter dogs to train them!

To take care of the dogs, you must either walk them all each day, or take them to the dog park each day. The dogs need exercise, after all.

How to train the dogs:
- Must learn all tricks
- Must have at least hunting level 3
- Must have no negative traits
- Must be friends with at least one human and one animal not active

When the dog is trained fully, you may give them to random family. You get 200 simoleons per dog that is given away.

50 points if you finish training the first dog in time
20 points for every dog adopted
10 points for every trick learned
70 points for every dog given to a family

-60 points if you fail to train the first dog on time
-20 points for every dog that attacks another
-10 points for every enemy the dog makes
-30 if the dog dies
-100 if your dogs are taken away

The only way to lose is if you fail to train dogs properly and more than 4 die. Or if you get your dogs taken away.

For a bonus round, if a dog makes 3 enemies, they are deemed to be not worthy of being a SD and are washed out. Remove them from the household, but don't collect money.

If you want more of a challenge, adopt cats or horses and train them as an ESA. How?

Here's how:
- Remove any negative traits
- Level them to 3 in one skill
- Become Best Friends with them

If you do those, they are valid as ESA candidates. You may send them away and collect 100 simoleons per animal.

How To Win
You can play for aslong as you'd like, but if you want to "win" all you have to do is successfully train out 20 service dogs (and 10 ESA if you are doing the extra challenge)

The End
If I've missed anything let me know.