View Full Version : TTAB types - Parenting Skill - Updated Info for Greater Autonomy on Changing Table?

9th Mar 2018, 4:04 AM
I have looked at the Wiki and googled everything i can think of, but I can't see any reference to "parenting skill" as a type for motives advertising, and I see that other skills may or may not be used. Is there any updated info on this, anyone been able to mod it so that the skills are used? Surely Sims who've studied parenting should be better at changing diapers, so it would certainly make sense if we could use the parenting skill and others that they study.

This is just my first foray into this, so I appreciate your patience with basic questions.

I put Squinge's visitor enabled & autonomous changing table in my game http://www.insimenator.org/showthread.php?t=7900
but it didn't seem to work reliably, and i saw a post that mentioned, at one time, Squinge had upped the advertising, so I thought I'd check out what the advertising said. Then, I saw that my Sims' parenting study wasn't helping them.

I also noticed that the social motive is being advertised, but, when the Sim is holding the baby, which they will do for hours, their social is rising anyway, so I thought maybe take that off. I did, but nothing changed. Then, I noticed something else. The Sim will hold the baby for a very long time, but, eventually, will put it down and immediately after that, will pick it up and do what actually needs to be done, feed it or change the diaper. Aha! I played with motives and putting baby in crib and, sure enough, if the baby is in the crib (or on the floor, but that's too annoying for me) and I make the baby wet the diaper, the Sim will immediately pick it up and change it. Same if I make the baby hungry. If the Sim is not holding the baby, he responds intelligently to the baby's needs immediately, rather like a nanny.

So...holding the baby stops the Sim testing what it needs maybe? This would account for all the idiotic putting baby on floor. They must put it down to "read" it. Is this crazy? Or has this been exploited? Or everyone already knows this and knows... whatever I don't know?