View Full Version : WCIF roommate in any house mod, and relationship mods?

8th Mar 2018, 1:11 AM
I'm looking for mods to achieve three different things.

First, is it possible to make a mod so that my sims in normal houses can rent out a spare room to, say, a townie in a similar way to apartment roommates? Once my teenagers go off to university the big old house feels rather empty, and if it were also possible for those roommates to pay rent it could boost my income in retirement.

I'm also looking for a supported mod to allow adults to have the "go steady" relationship available (the one I found on here is apparently not compatible with AL).

And a mod that makes it easier for couples to argue/break up. I don't necessarily want one that allows break ups at will, but certainly that gives me more control. Maybe it could work by allowing the annoy and fight interactions no matter the relationship score, so that I can cause arguments more easily (though obviously I wouldn't want everyone doing it autonomously). It annoys me that at the moment the only ways my couples can break up is by catching each other cheating.