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10th Feb 2018, 12:42 PM
If you didn't get the Ultimate Collection back when it was offered and don't know if you can still get it, you can! I contacted EA Help through Origin today, 10th February 2018, and through live chat I got the Ultimate Collection. The EA Help staff member who chatted with me was very friendly and patient, and after showing him screenshots of my discs he promptly added the UC to my library. If you want it, you can still have it, you just have to ask!

Anyway, I haven't yet downloaded it, as I know I have to take some precautions first. Thus I came here for advice.

First, how do I safely uninstall my games (I'm running Windows 10, if that makes a difference). I scanned the Uninstall guide on the wiki but it confused me, how do I know if it uninstalled correctly?
I have backups of my Sims 2 folder, with all the neighbourhoods, customs cameras, downloads, etc. But there's also the zCEP-EXTRA folder. I read that CEP has to be manually installed with the UC, so do I have to take out that folder and then manually reinstall CEP? What about all my other custom content?
I have edited my GraphicsRules.sgr and userstartup.cheat. Will I have to use the Maxis ones and re-edit them or can I just keep my old files?

For now, I think those are all the questions I have. If you know of any other important point to note, please tell me.

10th Feb 2018, 1:19 PM
When I uninstalled my games, I just clicked uninstall on each of the expansions listed in my EA folder. Then I checked for them on the install/uninstall program in settings. They shouldn't show up there. That means you're good to go.

Start your game up first before trying to load backups or anything. Let it generate all new folders. Then you should be able to just substitute your neighborhoods and lots catalog folders for the ones generated, add your downloads with your cep folder in them, and you are good to go. :)

10th Feb 2018, 1:46 PM
@Yvelotic2001 Thanks for letting us that they're still giving it out. It's nice to know on these updates and brings awareness who haven't such pack/offer exists, allowing people to save their money from content packs or even finally consider purchasing the base game for what you can get for free (all EP&SP s). :)

10th Feb 2018, 3:09 PM
You can keep backups of the graphicsrules file to use, the userstartup file will be in your existing backup anyway.

Make sure to backup any CC you've installed into Program Files, like any catalogue mods, as they will be deleted when you uninstall.

10th Feb 2018, 3:12 PM
I agree. I have recommended that people just go ahead and get it. Park it in your Origin account forever if you don't want to use it. But, God forbid, someday something might happen to your discs and you might need it. I hope it will eventually be like sims 1, and you will be able to find it on Amazon again. But, I'm not the kind of girl who likes to take chances with something so important to her.

I like to think that Origin will always give it to us for free, but eventually that may stop, who knows?

10th Feb 2018, 5:06 PM
They were just giving it away in a sims 4 18th anniversary challenge. I honestly think they should just offer it it on origin for $20 and call it a day. If they're still getting people asking for it then why not make some profit off it and then maybe just maybe they would revive it? I know I would pay for it instead of having to jump hoops through EA help to get it.

ETA: Alot of people also don't get that for a truly clean uninstall you have to go in and delete the registry keys for each expansion. I currently do not know how to go about that on Wins 10 at the moment, but I don't think it should be an issue for you as the UC will possibly generate a different registry key altogether for that game.

11th Feb 2018, 1:21 AM
I've never read that someone who had the discs to prove he owned the game wasn't able to get the game, so it may just be an unwritten policy or something. But, it's free, and you don't even have to install it, using up memory to store it. I don't see any downside to getting it.

11th Feb 2018, 7:48 AM
I love the UC; it is truly awesome.

Have a look at the article in my signature :)