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16th Feb 2018, 7:03 AM
Musicacy: Alternate Edition!

I read the original Musicacy (https://www.wattpad.com/97036075-sims-3-and-4-challenges-musicacy) and while I liked the concept, I wanted to make a more in-depth version. Also, I refuse to have monuments to Nickelback or Taylor Swift in my game.

1. Follow the basic legacy rules (empty lot, familyfund money down to 1300 simoleons, the works) with one exception: you are allowed to marry in sims you made or sims you downloaded off the exchange. This comes with a very important caveat: DO NOT use this exception to tailor-make a spouse for your sim, especially if you're planning on documenting your legacy, because believe me when I say that is NOT fun to watch. You can use it to avoid vanilla pudding (or the storm of inexplicable uggos you get when you use SP's Rapid Immigration) or theme your town though.
2. Also, less importantly, you can set the lifespan (and individual age spans) to whatever you want, but you MUST keep your settings the same for the entire challenge. If you're enough of a masochist to play on Epic and deal with ten generations' worth of 75-day toddlerhood, who am I to deny you of that joy?
3. If there's a generation you absolutely DO NOT want to deal with (maybe "An Unhealthy Obsession" freaks you out too much or you refuse to play with the celebrity system on), you may mix and match bonus challenges to create an alternate generation.
4. Expansion pack content and store content that doesn't give you an unfair advantage is allowed. I don't play with store content so you'll have to ask someone else whether or not X store item is too cheaty for this challenge.
5. You don't have to listen to the songs to play this challenge--I've provided relevant lyrics in the generation descriptions--but they're really good so you might enjoy them!

Generation 1: "Too Afraid to Love You" - Dylan Gardner
"That's when my heart starts breaking
My mind starts aching and I'm too afraid to love you
You got me all start shaking, my heart is being taken
And I'm too afraid to love you"

Your sim has never been good at finding love, no matter how hard they try. The thought of being in love with someone just frightens them.

- Your founder must have the traits Coward, Unflirty, and Commitment Issues. The rest of the traits are up to you. (If you have UL, Shy and Socially Awkward are good traits for this gen, but they're not required!)
- Your founder must have five relationships over the course of their life; four must fail, but they have to marry the last sim they enter a relationship with and stay with them for the rest of their life.
- At least two different relationships must result in children. Which two relationships (be warned--if you're playing on a normal lifespan your sim may be an elder by the time they meet "the one"!) is up to you.
- LTW is up to you.

Generation 2: "An Unhealthy Obsession" - Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra
"You just don't know it yet but you love me and I love you the same
One day we'll have a pretty wedding and I'll be your everything
We'll be together, yes forever, we will never ever part
Oh you don't know it yet but baby I've already got your heart "

You know how hard it is for someone to find love. Your parent lost so much of their time to failed love, and you refuse to have that happen to you. You already know who the love of your life is, and you're going to spend eternity with them, whether they know it or not!

- Your heir must have the traits Evil and Hopeless Romantic, the rest are up to you.
- Your heir's "spouse" is the very first sim that pings on the attraction system. I definitely recommend having a mod that makes the attraction system suck less, lest you find yourself infatuated with the mailman.
- You can never marry your "spouse".
- You can't even have any romantic interactions with your "spouse" other than sending secret admirer texts. You are allowed to befriend them, though.
- You can only have kids through the "Engineer Baby" interaction at the hospital if you have Into The Future or Master Controller's Pollinate interaction if you don't. If you use the Master Controller option, you have to get the heir's relationship with their spouse up to the same level you would need to engineer a baby. I realize that you have to have the spouse present to engineer a baby, but you can just pretend their only involvement in the kid's birth was providing the lock of hair you stole ;)
- You have to visit your "spouse's" house once a week, even if you're not invited. Especially if you're not invited.
-- Optional: If it's hard to catch your spouse at home at a reasonable hour (although when has something like "a reasonable hour" stopped the kind of person the song describes?), you can use a mod to put a map tag on them and arrange "chance meetings" when they're out and about.
- You treasure those little monuments to your love--I mean, your children--but taking care of them cuts into time you could spend with the love of your life. Do the bare minimum of what you have to do for toddlers (walk, talk, potty train, and that's IT) and send children to boarding school. Teens are self-sufficient and by that point you've probably picked an heir, so it doesn't matter what you do with them.
- If your "spouse" enters into an actual relationship, you make it clear to that interloper that they're not wanted. You don't have to kill them (this isn't the yandere challenge), but you could make enemies with them or cozy up to them romantically and convince them to dump their partner for you, then leave them in the lurch (which is honestly way meaner than killing them!).
- If your "spouse" dies before you, you have to get their grave--it doesn't matter how--and bring it to your house and place it. Now they're yours forever!

Generation 3: "Hercules" - Fly Away Hero
"And if there is a mountain I can make it move
When the sky is falling I can hold it for you
And I will keep on fighting 'til I make you see
I'm as strong as Hercules"

Your heir grew up in, let's face it, a pretty bad home. However, instead of letting it lead them down the same path, they've decided to rise above and make a happier life for themselves.

- Your heir must have the Brave and Good traits; the rest are up to you (or, given the nature of gen 2, TS3's aging system--if you can swing it, though, Family-Oriented is ideal)
- Your heir must make it to the top of the Law Enforcement, Military, or Firefighter career.
- When your heir gets married, neither the heir nor the spouse may cheat.
- All children born in this generation must age up well (i.e., you get to pick their traits)
- You must have all your children learn all toddler skills, get straight A's in school, and learn to drive as teens.
- Both the heir and spouse must acheive their LTW.
- LTW must either be Surrounded by Family, International Super Spy, Astronaut, or Superhero Firefighter.

Generation 4: "Trouble" - Neon Jungle
"I don't look for trouble
But trouble looks for me
And it's been waiting around corners
Since I was seventeen
They say "Here comes a hurricane
Trouble is her middle name!"
But I don't look for trouble
Yeah trouble looks for me"

The heir to this generation had an extremely good home life growing up, but all it did was make them bored. They're itching to fight the power! (This is a really EP-heavy generation--sorry!)

- Your heir must have the Rebellious (or Hot-Headed if that's not an option) and Kleptomaniac traits, the rest are up to you.
- When your heir is a teen, they must do four of these (you can do all six but that's totally up to you):
-- Have a boyfriend/girlfriend that their parents wouldn't approve of (bad traits, bad career, etc.)
-- Fulfill every wish related to pulling pranks.
-- Sneak out after curfew seven times--if they're doing it to meet their disapproved boyfriend/girlfriend, all the better.
-- Fulfill every wish that comes up for a mood swing.
-- Go to prom every time there is one--I can't require this because there's no way to force it, but if they get in a fight there, give yourself a pat on the back.
-- Throw a teen party every time the opportunity presents itself.
- Your heir must reach max influence with the Rebel social group
- Your heir must max out the Criminal or Art Appraiser career (branch irrelevant)
- LTW must be either one related to the Criminal career, Master of Mixology, or Street Credible
- Optional: this would be a perfect generation for your sim to get a bunch of tattoos!

Generation 5: "Rich Kids" - New Medicine
"I coulda went to college like rich kids do
Buying weed with the money that your mom sent you
But I don't give a d**n about no higher degree
Cause you know in rock and roll, I got a PhD"

The heir to this generation still has that rebellious spark in them that their parents had, but they'd rather eschew their family's ill-gotten goods and get famous legitimately. Besides, the world could always use more music!

- Your heir must have the Ambitious and Virtuoso traits, the rest are up to you.
- Your heir cannot go to university, not that you'd be able to afford it this generation.
- You must move out of your legacy lot (you can take spares with you, but feed the previous generation to the time stream because they're dead to you now) and into either a shabby starter home, an empty lot (again), or a cheap apartment the moment you become an adult. You must familyfund your money back to 1300 simoleons. Sorry!
- If you have Late Night, you have to turn the celebrity system on. You must get your sim up to five stars.
- Your heir must either max the Music career (Rock branch), max the Singing career, or complete the Gig Master skill challenge for a band.
- LTW must be either One Sim Band, Rock Star, or Vocal Legend.

Generation 6: "California" - Grimes
"The things they see in me, I cannot see myself
When you get bored of me, I'll be back on the shelf
And when the ocean rises up above the ground
Maybe I'll drown in...
You only like me when you think I'm looking sad
I didn't think you'd end up treating me so bad"

The heir to this generation has grown disillusioned with their family's fame and the consumerist culture they grew up in. They want nothing more than to just be left alone for once in their life.

- Your heir must have the traits Loner and Eco-Friendly (or Vegetarian if that's not an option).
- Your heir must move somewhere "off the grid" (i.e., as far into the outskirts of town as you can swing) as soon as possible.
- Your heir cannot shop for anything in town. No groceries, no books, no elixirs, no nothing.
-- This means skill books are out of the question. Learn by doing!
- Your sims can't go to university.
- The only electronic device other than large appliances your heir can have is the smartphone, and that's just because there's no reliable way to get rid of it.
- Your heir must grow, catch, and gather their own food.
- You have to turn the celebrity system off.
- If your sims have any residual celebrity stars from the previous generation, they don't get to use any of the perks--no discounts and delete freebies immediately.
- The only sim your heir is allowed to befriend outside of their family is their spouse.
- Your sims can get rabbithole careers if you're that hard up for cash, but ideally they'd just make their money farming, fishing, collecting, and selling stuff they make.
- If paparazzi come to your door because of your residual celebrity stars, you must immediately drop everything and get inside until they leave. Do not interact with them, do not get within camera range. Just stay inside.
- LTW must be The Perfect Garden or Presenting The Perfect Private Aquarium.
- Optional: Who needs a car? You've a horse outside, and it's your only mode of transit! (you don't need to do this, but it's a good way to keep getting around green; you can also just use a bike like a normal person)

Generation 7: "More Than Friends" - Victoria Duffield
"I'm lookin' at your page
Won't you follow me
Break the fantasy
With a status change
And on your feed
Let's show the whole world, baby"

The heir to this generation appreciates the eco-friendly off-grid lifestyle their parents raised them with, but they've always been interested in the connected world everyone else they knew seemed to live in. They'd like to experience the world, not hide from it!

- Your heir must have the traits Social Butterfly (or Friendly) and Computer Whiz.
- Just generally fix things back to how they were before the previous two generations--move back into your original legacy lot (leave the previous generation but you can bring spares if you want; if Story Progression has placed a different household in there, well, that's their problem), set the celebrity system back to how you want it, the works.
- Your sim must meet their spouse online (either through online dating or the "chat with someone" interaction).
- Your sim also must meet all their friends online (although they can go out and party with them IRL as soon as they're friends)
- Your sim can go to university again!
- Your sim must max out influence with either the Nerd or Jock social group.
- Your sim must max the Social Networking skill (or Charisma, if Social Networking is unavailable).
- LTW must be Blog Artist or Super Popular.

Generation 8: "When I Rule The World" - LIZ
"When I rule the world, then I'm gonna make you work
Brring brring! Stay alert, keep on pushing 'til it hurts
So now look who's sorry, now they're answering to me"

The heir to this generation likes being around people, but more than that, they like having power over people. The more influence they have, the better. This is probably because, well, to be frank, they're still a bratty kid at heart.

- Your heir must have the traits Childish and Charismatic.
- Your heir must make liberal use of service NPCs. Maids, butlers, repairmen, the works. If they can pay to have someone do it for them, they're going to pay to have someone do it for them. (They do not, however, have to eat pizza for every meal, because I realize that is a ridiculous daily expense.)
-- Optional: You are allowed to make use of Bonehilda (if you have SPN) for this generation. In fact, it would probably make a lot of sense to have a live-in maid for this generation.
- Your heir must max out either the Politics or Business career.
- Your sim must fulfill every want they roll to convince someone to do something.
- Your sim must max out the Charisma skill.
- LTW must be Leader of the Free World, Living In The Lap of Luxury, CEO of A Mega-Corporation, or Swimming In Cash.
-- Optional: The video for this song has a really fun aesthetic, so if you want to use 70s/80s/90s Stuff or CC to emulate it, go for it! This challenge doesn't have any points to give, but you'll earn points in my heart.

Generation 9: "Make Me A Robot" - Tessa Violet
"I'm too old to change
Take my heart and I'll restart; please just let me fall apart
You may say it's strange
But I quit, guess that's it; for a human, I'm unfit"

The heir to this generation grew up with a demanding parent who seemed to treat people like machines, and now they find themselves treating machines like people. How strange things can be sometimes.

- Your heir must take the traits Bot Fan and Eccentric (or if you only have one of those traits as options, choose Insane for the other one; if you don't have either,
choose Loner and Insane)
- Your sim has two spouse options: either a Plumbot or a Simbot.
-- You can give your Plumbot spouse the Capacity to Love trait chip and marry it, or you could not--this is your only chance to tailor-make a spouse without me
appearing from the void and glaring at you, so go hog wild!
-- You may use the Program interaction for Simbots once. Unlike with Plumbots, you can change their traits (relatively) willy-nilly instead of having to work for it,
so I have to limit you somewhat. You're still getting to essentially tailor-make your spouse.
- Optional: If you don't have Ambitions or Into The Future, you can download the Insane Converse mod and designate an eligible appliance. That's your spouse.
- You have to build the bots yourself--if you DO use the My Best Friend lifetime reward, you can't marry the one you get.
- Your sim thinks humans are gross, but realizes the need to continue the bloodline. You may choose one human sim (or, if you want to make this even more weird, you
can choose a supernatural sim for this purpose) to designate as a genetics donor. How you get the kids doesn't matter, as long as you're not cheating to do it (using

Master Controller to have a same-sex pregnancy is not cheating as long as you don't do it the instant the sims meet).
- Your sim must max the Inventing (if you chose a Simbot) or Bot Building (if you chose a Plumbot) skills.
- LTW must be Monster Maker, More Than A Machine, or Creature-Robot Crossbreeder.

Generation 10: "Going Away" - Meg & Dia
"Please don't forget me, I'm going away.
I'm taking a taxi to Kentucky, where they don't even know
All about me; I just need to feel safe.
I've got a thousand sweaters, and shoes, and paintings to hide;
The skeletons in my way, (don't ask where) I'm going"

The heir to this generation feels stuck in the town they've lived in their whole life (barring a very unfortunate bug), and they'd like to move on and go on
adventures. Their upbringing left them a little strange, though.

- Your heir must take the traits Adventurous and Unstable.
- Your heir must visit all three vacation destinations at least once.
- Your heir must max Photography, Martial Arts, and Nectar Making.
- Your heir can never be treated for instability. You may re-add the Adventurous trait using Master Controller if something happens to it.
- LTW must be Great Explorer or Seasoned Traveler
- Optional: When the 11th generation reaches YA, you may move them to a new town.

Bonus Challenges:
"My Best Friend's Hot" - The Dollyrots
Regardless of anything else that happens that generation, your sim's spouse (or "spouse"/genetics donor if you're playing An Unhealthy Obsession or Make Me A Robot)
for that generation must be their childhood imaginary friend (turned human, of course!).

"Necromancin Dancin" - Bear Ghost
Your sim must become a witch (by any non-cheaty means necessary) and fulfill the requirements for the Zombie Master LTW even if that is not their actual LTW.

"Another World" - Obsidia
All heir-eligible children born that generation must be the product of alien abductions. Don't use this challenge if there's some other stipulation about how children
should be born.

"Mad" - Cassie Steele
Every sim involved in that generation (other than the spouse) must have the Insane trait. You can only control the heir.

"That Did It" - Sleigh Bells
The first sim outside of the family to wrong your heir is that generation's sworn enemy. Every person involved in that generation, until the heir to the next gets
married, must fight that sim at least once.

"What I Like" - Con Bro Chill
Pick a random physical attribute or trait. This is now your heir's turn-on and all sims your sim performs romantic interactions with must have that attribute or trait.

"The Zombie Song" - Stephanie Mabey
Your sim must meet their spouse by picking from the zombies that wander into their yard during a full moon.