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14th Feb 2018, 11:31 PM
The Sims 3 Iresponsible Husband Challenge
You can do this challenge in any game but i recomend the Sims 3.[If you do it on the sims 2 it would be complicated ]

Rules :
1:Make a couple with 6 kids preferably: 2 todlers,2 children and 2 teens
2:Give the husband a bad boy look/cassanova look and give him these traits:Charismatic,Hates Children,Couch Potato,Flirty,Inapropiate and Mean Spirited.For the wife give her traits like:Ambitious,Family-Oriented,Friendly,Neat,Workaholic,Good Sense of humor [Or any traits you like, but they have to be good traits] 3:Give them both jobs and make the male become enemys with his kids
4:When the husband is alone make him try for baby with tons of women and get the town pregnant till he ages up to an elder.
5:After he got the woman pregnant ask to be friends [Note:Don't go in public kissing and making out with them all of the affairs must be done in the house] 6:Lifetimerewards are allowed
7:He must neglect the kids and his wife, and he must not clean or help the wife cleaning
8:If he/the wife dies you have failed the challenge , if he gets chaugh and his wife divoces him[Note:If that happens you will have to have a penthouse and stay there until the betrayed modlet goes away, and then when it happens make him go home and bulid up his relashionship with his wife] 9: Child support he has to pay once a week for each ilegitimate child he fatherd child support of 100 dollars.
10:The challenge ends when he reaches elderhood and has fatherd many many ilegitimate kids around the town, then he will have to get caught woohoing with another woman in bed by his wife.
11:No cheats apart from familyfunds to pay child support :lovestruc