View Full Version : The Lost Gnome Kingdom

12th Jan 2018, 6:42 PM
So, we all know that this game features a series of magic gnomes. Most playthroughs, I am not concerned with these things, but in this challenge, they are the main focus. We will play as the "Gnome King" and help him recover the lost members of his kingdom.

Here is the setup:

1. Create your Gnome king. He must be a YA or older human male with whatever features you deem best resemble a garden gnome. Give him a fun name like "Gnome Chompski" or "Schmebulock McGucket". He must have the Insane, Childish, and Unlucky(or Loser) traits. The remaining two can be whatever you please.
2. Plonk him down in whatever world you'd like. Moonlight Falls is recommended due to the whole "magic" theme, but not necessary. Place him in whatever home you can afford without money cheats.
3. Your goal is to collect one of each "species" of magical gnome that you have from expansion packs. Aged versions of the base game Mysterious Mr. Gnome do not count as separate species. If you have all expansion packs, there should be 25 varieties to collect.


1. ABSOLUTELY NO BUYING GNOMES FROM THE BUYDEBUG MENU! That would make this challenge far too easy!
2. No money cheats either.
3. The Gnome King is allowed to get married and have children, but ideally, the "royal family" should be kept together.
4. If you move house, you must pack up all the Gnomes you have and take them with you.
5. Since the Gnome King is seen as "completely insane" by the other sims, he can pretty much do whatever he wants. The only thing he is expressly forbidden from doing is moving to a new town.

-Your Gnome King may want to expand his "kingdom" by investing in local properties. Invest his funds and take over the town!
-Many gnomes require you to learn or master a skill to obtain them, mater all the skills you can!
-The gnome figurines are actually representations of former Kingdom subjects. Try to acquire one ghost (by whatever means are available) per gnome, so the subject can be reunited with their King!
-The former gnome kingdom was destroyed by the empire of Teddy Bears, round up as many Teddy Bears as you can, and teach them a lesson by transforming them into gnomes! (Keep them in a dedicated area and the gnomes will "infect" the bears, turning them into clones of the gnome)
-All the other sims think the Gnome King is insane, but they love to listen to his fanciful stories! Build a media empire by first writing many gnome-themed books, take photos or paint pictures of the gnomes, and rake up the royalties.
-Turn the Gnome King into a Queen!
-Make the Gnome King a supernatural of some sort via potions (Supernatural required for this one) and have him seek out a cure.