View Full Version : The "Hotel California" Challenge (University required)

29th Dec 2017, 7:02 PM
You can check out any time you'd like, but you can never leave!

Rather than run an Island Paradise-style hotel with check-in and tower full of unseen guests, this challenge uses The "Roommates" feature that came with University. The only playable sim will be the "Manager" and they will be the only sim allowed to leave the lot. To start the challenge, prepare as follows:

-Create the manager. A sim YA or older with any traits or features you would like. Their surname determines the name of the "Hotel" (IE: a manager Sim named "Norman Bates" will have a hotel named "The Bates Hotel")

-Place the manager in the town of your choosing and set them on a blank lot. Use money cheats to give them one million simoleans with which to build the hotel.

-The hotel itself will feature the main area for the "guests" and a separate living area for the manager. There must be enough beds for all the "guests" but the hotel itself may be arranged in many ways:
Individual Suites with private bathrooms and kitchenettes
Individual bedrooms and bathrooms, but a shared common area all the guests can access
Ward-style bedroom, but private bathrooms
Ward-style bedroom, shared bathroom with stalls

-Once you apply for roommates and they move in, lock the door to the outside so only the manager sim can use it!

-With your captive guests, the only way they can leave the "hotel" is to perish. You can set up a series of death traps, force them to make things so you can sell them for a profit, be as cruel or as kind to them as you wish!

-The challenge is over when everyone from the first round of "Guests" dies. You can continue to take in guests and keep the challenge going, but I wouldn't go much farther than five rounds of guests.