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29th Dec 2017, 7:01 PM
Expansion Packs
Supernatural (for werewolves of course)
Generations (If your pack is all about family)

You and your mate has decided to move off and start a family of your own.
But your pack that you were raised in was nomads, a pack that never lived in one place forever.
You and your mate has chosen to become like that pack, to travel to different places.

You can use motherlode for the lot, as the werewolves don't use money.
You have to have a tiny house (big enough to hold your family)
but you can increase in size as you move
You have to have a forest or plains of some sort.
You should have a garden for herbs/food
You should have a pond for food

Custom Content
Not needed, but if you don't have expansion packs or bought neighborhoods you can download some.

You can rather do it where you move lots or move neighborhoods
You cannot move if:
There is a pregnant sim
There is a baby that is not a toddler yet
You haven't had a baby at least once on that lot

Alpha (Leader of the pack. Male)
Luna (Leader of the pack. Female)
Beta (Second in command, Not needed)
Delta (Training to be Beta, Not needed)
Gamma (Elders)
Iota (Healers, Not needed)
Hunters (Hunts for the pack)
Yearling (Teenagers)
Pup (Babies/Toddlers)
Omega (Lowest Rank of pack, Not needed)

To Win:
Have 5 (can increase number) generations.