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29th Dec 2017, 7:00 PM
I did this challenge back 2 years ago I think, so I'm gonna redo it because I was cringe, gonna make it a little easier and shorter,I'm also gonna retry this challenge when my new computer arrives(the one I'm on works fine its just the screens cracked from my sister stepping on it so i have to have it hooked up to a desktop monitor and it's not

Basic Idea: Alcoholic mother realizes she needs help, tells her kid whos a teenager to take their little sibling the life savings and move to a different town to raise their sibling on their own, and not to call the mother until the little sibling has a child and the child is a toddler.

Please, feel free to update your progress and ask questions on this thread!

OK here's the rules
1. You only need base game for this but I recommend having seasons, generations, and ambitions
2. You can move to any town
3. If you can't figure out how to get a teen and a toddler in a household alone then just make the teen a young adult then go into creating a sim after you placed them down and age them down
4. The teen and toddler don't have to be the same gender
5. You can't "call" the mother until the toddler has a child and its a toddler
6. The 1st child of the toddler must be from pregnancy, not adoption.
7. You can build from the ground up if you want
8. You can use cheats if you like
9. The Toddler must be able to walk, talk, and use the potty. Same thing goes for the toddler's toddler
10. The life span can be whatever you want
12. when the toddler is a child she/he must be on the honor roll before they can be aged up
13. when the toddler is a teen he/she must be on the honor roll, same thing with the teen that takes care of the toddler
14. Since the toddler and the teen were really close siblings they will live together for the whole challenge and be best friends.