View Full Version : The "Not-Luigi's Mansion" Challenge (Ambitions Required!)

27th Nov 2017, 11:54 AM
How lovely! Not-Luigi has just inherited a massive mansion! Only problem is, The place is haunted as all get out and Not-Luigi is the biggest coward this side of Bridgeport. How will He/She cope with these new unwanted guests?

For this challenge, We start with the following:

1. Select a large lot and build or place a mansion on it. You may "Pre-haunt" it if you'd like, but this is not required.

2. Create Not-Luigi and a family of Ghosts. Not-Luigi can be male or female Young Adult, but must be non-occult and be a Coward. He/She should have two other "fearful" traits (Neurotic, Hydrophobic, Never Nude, Shy, Loner, Hates the Outdoors, Over-emotional, Dramatic, or technophobe). The two remaining traits can be whatever you'd like.

3. The ghosts of the family can be any age or gender, but there must be at least five of them. These "Active" ghosts are required, but you may get several "Inactive" ghosts via pre-haunting the lot. You need only focus on the active ones.

4. Hit motherlode a few times so this family can purchase the mansion you've set up. Move them in.

5. Set Not-Luigi in the ghost-hunter career. He/She cannot remove the active ghosts in the family without first helping them fulfill their lifetime wish. Once completed, Not-Luigi will encourage the ghosts to move onto the netherworld, and place their tombstone in the backyard.

6. Help the active Ghosts fulfill their lifetime wishes so they can move on. If Not-Luigi still finds it a bit lonely without them, he/she can transmogrify a new ghost from eight spirits of the same type.

7. If the option to resurrect one of the ghosts pops up, this must be denied. However, you can make an inactive ghost into an active one via science lab chance card.

8. Unless it relates to their lifetime wish, a ghost cannot get a job off-lot. Ghost children and teens have to go to school, but largely these ghosts must spend as much time on the home lot as possible.

9. Pets and Ghost-pets are allowed. Ghost pets have no lifetime wishes, so the only way to get them to move on is to have them max out their skills and complete the skill challenges.

10. The challenge is complete once all the ghosts have moved on. Then and only then can Not-Luigi focus on their dream job.