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11th Oct 2017, 10:18 PM
Before we begin . . .
- Have nraas master controlled downloaded, as well as the master controller 'cheats' downloaded. This is optional, but it really enhances gameplay.
- This is a challenge for the sims three, but I suppose it could work for the sims four, keep in mind it is written for sims three.
- make sure to create a house for your Vampire king and Queen to live in. It can be spooky or it can be a normal house - there is one requirement though, you must have a basement !

The beginning . . .
This is when you make your female or male main sim, for me, I made a female so I will be using 'she' pronouns for the character, but you can make a male if you wish. This is the 'romance-y' part of the challenge, but it can be modified so that, if you like, your main sim is a slave.

Requirements for this part;
- You must create one main sim (human) and one main vampire sim; this will be your future king and Queen.
- You must live in Bridgeport for this Part.
- your main sim must live in an apartment.
- The Vampire sim cannot be in the same household as your human one, and must live on the rich side of Bridgeport. They also must be at least be a level three celebrity. (You can disable this after a while as I know it can get annoying.)
- By the end of challenge, both sims must be at the top of their career, so choose wisely.
- when your sim meets the vampire sim, they must fall in love - try not to make it too quick, maybe have them go on dates or hang out a little first. After at least three dates, your vampire sim must offer to turn your human sim. If you want to work on their relationship first, you may offer at any time after three dates. OR: if you want to make it dramatic, you can have a different vampire sim in Bridgeport bite your sim, without your main vampire' so knowledge.
- your human sim must contact the vampire sim (e.g send a friendly message) at least ONCE every day. being away from your vampire sim will make your human sim feel like they're dying (during the journey into becoming a vampire, to be precise.)
- When your human sim becomes a vampire, they must drink the blood of FIVE different sims through a span of two days, in order to be able to turn other sims (like a beginning phase, the thirst is too much, kind of thing.) IF your human sim was turned by someone other than your main vampire, your main vampire and your human sim will have to have some sort of fight: be it arguing or a simple petty jab, make your main vampire angry!

Life as a Vampire . . .
During this part your main sim (now vampire) will have to change at least two sims; one female, one male. Once you have achieved this and they have both transformed, your next goal is to become the girlfriend or boyfriend of the original main vampire sim; if this is done already, add the two new Vampire sims to your household, as well as your lover, and MOVE to a new town ( for a reason, such as rumours have been spreading around, they were found out, etc...) any town will work, but I suggest moonlight falls (however I'm playing in Twinbrook.)

Requirements for this part;
- move into a new home; the house must be big enough to fit a good amount of people. This will be your home for the rest of the challenge unless you decide to move.
- have the two sims you turned fall in love, get married and have at LEAST two children. Once this is done, you can kick them out if you wish.
- repeat this process two times to four (overall) sims in Moonlight Falls (or whichever town you live in.) two females, two males. (Turn them into vampires, make them fall in love, etc.) these people and their children are now part of your cult. You can do this process however many times you want, and they all must live near you. BE CAREFUL NOT TO BECOME THEIR ENEMIES. If they fall under the rank of 'good friend' they can try to take your throne as king or queen. ( if you are a queen, they will try to steal your king through means of romance, if you are a king, they will try steal your queen.)
- Once you are happy with your cult member numbers, you can get your two main Vampire sims ( the king and Queen) married.
- optional; hire a maid or butler - royal Vampire sims don't have time to clean !

The next generation . . .
Have your king and Queen have children ( there must be at least one male and one female child. Ages can vary,)
- all children mud to learn how to walk and talk.
- all children must have the 'evil/mean' or 'good/friendly' trait.
- keep their zodiac sins as accurate as possible ( if they were born late fall, they're a Scorpio etc. If they were born the beginning of winter, Sagittarius, etc.)
- make sure to never let them feel lonely.
- do not let them get taken away - doing so will result in a failure.

Child years
- have your child begin zooming in in a skill, have them study and get good grades and if you have generations downloaded, have them join an after school club.
- have max relationship with both parents.
- begin getting to know the other cult member's children; they will be your friends and your underlings. This is a vital step, as when your child has to inherit the title of king or queen, they must have anger cult member kid as their lover. You can edit the cult member's children to look however you want.
- if you'd like, have them have a pet! There's nothing like a companion, right?

Teenage years
- as you rebel, your relationship with your parents will weaken. If you have a sibling, they will also weaken in relationship. ( if it's a twin, it's due to the struggle of who will be the heir.)
- your sim will begin falling in love with a cult member of the same age.
- at least once a week, all cult member children will sneak away from home to hang out.
- have them really begin focusing in a certain skill, your choice - if that skill is associated with an afterschool club (e.g music) join it.
- have them scare human sims for fun.


Adult years
- before your previous main sims ( the old king and Queen ) age up to elders, have them die of thirst or fire. This is to keep honour to their old rule.
- with new responsibilities, the death of your parents and many cult members looking to you for guidance, you will begin getting closer to your future king or queen in this difficult time.
- the rest is up to you. Each time a king or queen dies, hang their portrait somewhere in the home.

- you can use motherlode cheat once, otherwise, try not to use cheats.)