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20th Sep 2017, 6:56 PM
Hello my fellow simmers I am back for my second challenge :D . I got the idea for this challenge while doing community service at a homeless shelter in Maryland named Sarah's House. I really enjoyed my time their and would like to emulate their wonderful service within the game.

You are a sim who loves helping others and feels great satisfaction from giving back to the community. One day you are exiting a store when you see a women with a malnourished child holding a sign that reads "Will do anything to feed my baby." You are both disturbed and saddened by this sight and decide to do something about it, thus opening up your own homeless shelter.

Sarah's House is a shelter that focuses strongly on families. Maybe the father lost his job and the family could no longer afford their home and need a place to stay or a single mom is struggling to support several children. Whatever the case Sarah's House provides home for them. They offer emergency housing for up to 90 days, transitional housing for 18 to 24 months, three meals a day, clothing, transportation to and from work, employment programs, Licensed child care center and parenting, computer and GED classes as well as workshops. Your shelter MUST offer these things as well, with the exception of GED and parenting classes as these cannot be emulated. When a family is generating enough income to survive outside of the program they may be moved from the shelter into their own home.

Your sim will be the owner of the shelter(Young Adult recommended). They are responsible for the up keep of the facilities as well as providing the meals. You may create two sims of opposite genders, one will focus on cooking the meals and keeping the kitchen clean (having the natural cook trait would be helpful) while the other takes care of the rest of the shelter. NO MAIDS ALLOWED :!: The residents are responsible for keeping their own rooms clean. You can bring in families two different ways. The first is by creating them in CAS and the second is by finding a homeless sim on the street and adding them to your household, however Sarah's House is a family shelter, therefore the homeless sim is required to have at least one child of any age; you can house as many families as you want as long as you have the space. Your sims can have whatever look and personality you want but try to avoid duplication, no one person is exactly the same as the last, supernaturals are allowed but pets are not if you have these packs. The lifespan is up to you.

The shelter must accommodate all of the services previously listed in the rules section. It is recommended that you have separate buildings for the different types of housing, here is why; when a family is first brought in they are unemployed and will be put into emergency housing where they will receive a small room with no kitchen and no bathroom. They must share the bathroom with other residents and go to the Cafe for their meals. Once the family members get jobs and start generating a fair amount of income they may be moved into transitional housing where they will a receive small condo and are able to be more independent until they have successfully transitioned out of the program into their own home. You must have an individual building on the lot to serve as the owner's house as they do not live in the shelter. Otherwise you can design your shelter in whatever way you would like or download a lot and renovate it if that's preferable. After the lot is complete use a money cheat to reset the funds to $1,000. NO MORE MONEY CHEATS AFTERWARDS.

As you may or may not know shelters rely on donations and community support to thrive. In order to emulate this have your owner join the homemaker career. You may also use the Investable City Hall mod( get it here (http://modthesims.info/d/391614) ), this however is optional depending on how difficult you would like the challenge to be. If you decide to use this mod you must use the 250 flavor for this challenge, all income made from these two sources will be treated as donations. Use this money to buy groceries, pay bills and renovate the shelter if needed.

The end goal is to help as many families as you can get back on their feet and support themselves until your owner has grown old and retires. If you would like you can pass on the shelter to another sim or offspring upon retirement. Your sim must retire upon reaching old age as an elder can not keep up with the physical demands.

I hope you all enjoy this challenge, let me know how it works out for you and post pics of you shelters and families if you would like, thx.

29th Sep 2017, 8:58 PM
I like this alot so Im going to try it