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1st Aug 2017, 7:23 PM
10 Skillmasters Challenge
I came up with this challenge myself, but I apologize if anyone has created a challenge similar to/identical to this one, I recently registered onto MTS to post the rules of this challenge.
I have no knowledge as to if this challenge will work with The Sims 1, 2, or 4, as I am playing this challenge on TS3.

The Sims 3 Base Game

This challenge is similar to a normal legacy challenge, but the founder and the heirs each have to master one skill of your choice.

Getting Started:
- Create a YA male or female founder, his or her traits, favorites, etc. are up to you (see rules for lifetime aspiration), but it is recommended you choose at least one trait to help your sim master the skill you choose (ex. Natural Cook trait for cooking skill, Green Thumb trait for gardening skill, etc.)
- You must stay in your budget when moving your sim into a house or building a house, so NO MONEY CHEATS!!
- Send your founder out to meet his/her future spouse/partner.

- Founder and 9 heirs (legacy style) must be skillmasters for different skills
- It is up to you if you want spares or spouses/partners to be skillmasters, but they will not count in terms of completing the challenge. (You can do however many skillmasters you want for fun, but you will get bonus points, see Points section)
- Children must have two parents, children may be adopted or naturally conceived.
- Founder, heirs, spares if any, and spouses may NOT have a lifetime aspiration that involves a full time job.
- If a spouse has a lifetime aspiration involving a full time job, he/she may NOT be a skillmaster.
- No skillmaster in this challenge may have a full time job.
- It is your choice when it comes to which skill(s) your skillmasters will be mastering.
- Your skillmasters do NOT have to be married to the mother/father of their child or children, but they DO have to be in a steady relationship with them.
- Spouses/partners may NOT be created in CAS or downloaded off of any websites.
- You may not create a spouse/partner or any children in CAS for your founder to start off with.
- You may have pets if you wish.
- No cheats allowed except for resetsim if needed.
- You may install a mod allowing for there to be more than 8 sims in one household, but for that purpose only.
- You must start off with a house with a kitchen, living room, 2 bedrooms, and at least one bathroom. The rest are up to you.
- You may utilize buildings in your town or TVs/books to help your skillmaster(s) master skills.
- You may not take any classes to help master your skills.
- Fast Learner, Super Green Thumb, Extra Creative, etc. are allowed

Points (optional):
Child born: +10 pts each
Required sim masters a skill: +20 pts each
Bonus: Sim masters a skill when not required to: +30 pts each
Optional: Sim fulfills lifetime aspiration: +50 pts each
Master challenge: +100 pts

*I used another forumer's thread layout as a reference for making mine, but the rules etc are mine.