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23rd Jul 2017, 3:17 AM
Hello all, this is an idea I've played myself several times, and have been considering posting online for a while. So, here it is: The Budding Empire. :king:

Supernatural Sims have hovered just out of human Sims' view for as long as history cares to remember them. Why? Because the Supernaturals are too busy fighting for supremacy, of course. Every breed fights for domination over the other races, hidden from the view of normal Sims. Occasionally some will slip through the cracks of this gritty fight-or-die world to live as a normal Sim, but for the most part, large families of Supernaturals war to be known as the superior race.

Your Sim, however, has won that battle, and now seeks to bring the rest of the world (your town) under their thumb, as an Emperor/Empress.

Pick one Supernatural race as your MAIN Sim's race. This Sim is your original Emperor/Empress, and it is their bloodline that will count towards the legacy. Whatever this supernatural race is, your heirs MUST be that race. You get less points for having a half-human heir, so it is recommended to have a main Sim that can transform other Sims into their race (Vampire, Werewolf, or a skilled Alchemist) Make them dress nice.

Your family doesn't just consist of ONE Sim though. You also get to pick a second race as your Servant Race. You can create up to two servants of this race to serve their Emperor/Empress for their lives. All children born of these servants are also servants, regardless of whether they are occult or human. Each race will have some restrictions and limitations, but will serve their Emperor/Empress faithfully, regardless. This race CANNOT be the same race as your Emperor/Empress, obviously, but CAN be human.

Your Emperor/Empress and their two servants should move into a large-sized empty lot, since normal human homes cannot cater to a Supernatural's needs. Your starting funds should go into either a temporary shelter while you make more money, or building an unfurnished home for your Emperor/Empress and servants to live. It can be any style you wish, but you should try to make it as impressive as you can--and you can edit it later.

Eventually your mansion should have these rooms:
Master Bedroom for the Emperor/Empress and their consort.
Nursery for babies/toddlers.
Individual rooms for up to three children.
Guestrooms for up to two guests/adult children.
Shared bedroom/nursery for servants and servant children.
Sumptuous kitchen
Well-Decorated dining room
Library/Study for your Emperor/Empress
Bathing chamber with hot-tub (actual toilet and shower/tub can be in attached room so you aren't constantly chasing people out)
If you have pets: an entire room specifically for the pet. Horses can have a fenced in area instead.

1. Your Emperor/Empress should not leave the home lot unless specified otherwise below. Your servants can roam freely.
2. Your Emperor/Empress cannot have a job, but can earn money by writing/painting They also cannot cook. Fishing/Gardening/Collecting cannot be done by your Emperor/Empress unless specified otherwise below. One of your two starting servants can have a normal job. If you started with only one servant, that servant has to stay home to take care of the mansion and cook.
3. You should be throwing blowout parties at least once a week. The life of an Emperor/Empress is a glamorous one!
4. Your servants can marry and have children with anyone other than the Emperor/Empress.
5. If you chose Vampire as your Servant Race, their unholy thirst is used to control them. They shouldn't be allowed to feed from mortal sims.
6. If you choose Genie as your servant, you should only have one, and must stay home permanently.

If your Emperor/Empress is a...
Genie: You cannot use your clean house/summon food ability. After all, that is what the servants are for. You can ensorcel any visitors to your lot and make them do things for you. As a genie, your goal is not only world domination, but freedom to all other genies. Extra points for getting genie lamps and adding them to your household. You can leave the home lot to do any genie-freeing related tasks.
Vampire: Your Emperor/Empress can leave the home lot to hunt for human sims to feed off of. You get bonus points for luring a human to your mansion to be your walking blood-bank. Vampires must have caskets to sleep in/on, instead of normal beds. Any normal human Sim you change into a vampire should join your household, but does not count as an heir.
Werewolf: Your Emperor/Empress can leave the lot on the full moon to go on a hunt with their pack (MUST have more than one werewolf to leave the lot). So every full moon, with the forced transformation, your pack can leave. Otherwise they must stay on the home lot.
Fairy: Your Emperor/Empress can have a small personal garden of TWO PLANTS that they tend to. These plants' fruit should not be sold, and can only be used for food or compost. Its the Servant's job to garden for money. Fairy tricks are hilarious...when not used on you. If one of your fairy-traps is sprung by your Emperor/Empress you get points taken away.
Witch: Your Emperor/Empress fought their way to the top of the Supernatural foodchain with one thing: Alchemy. With potions comes the ability to give and take away magic. Your sim will receive negative points if they die without 10 in Alchemy.


Never leaves lot when not allowed: +10
Transform a human into your race and move them in (Only counts once): +10
(Vampire only) Lure a human to your house to feed off of them (Stacks) : +10
(Genie only) Free another Genie and add them to your household: +25
Live a lifestyle of seduction (10+ lovers) +25
Thrown party is a blowout party (This stacks for each party): +5
Never miss a weekly party +25
Be a social butterfly (10+ Friend or higher) : +25
Be everyone's best friend (10+ BFFs, stacks with social butterfly) : +25
Reach level 10 in any of the following: Writing, Painting, Charisma, Social Networking, Riding, Any Instrument Skill, Athletics, Alchemy (Witch only) Gardening (Fairy only)

Each of the above skill that is 10 nets you a +20

Forgot to throw party (This stacks for each missed party) : -5
Thrown part is NOT a blowout party (This stacks for each party) : -5
Leaves lot when not allowed: -10
Have any mood breakdown (fall asleep, pee yourself, etc) : -10
Be smelly (With the exception of having just come from working out) : -5
(Witch only) Die without level 10 Alchemy: -50
Fairy trap sprung on Emperor/Empress: -15
Emperor/Empress cooks own meal -10

Heirs and Consorts
Get married to human: +10
Get married to Emperor/Empress race: +25
Consort quits job/never gets job upon marriage : +10
Consort is social butterfly (10+ Friend of higher) : +15
Consort is everyone's best friend (10+ BFFs, stacks with social butterfly) : +15
Have a half-human heir: +10
Have a pureblood heir: +25
Have heirs from multiple mothers/fathers: +10
If multiple Consorts alive at once, they are all friends: +10
Heir grows up perfectly: +15

Consort cheats : -10
If multiple Consorts alive at once, they are not friends or are enemies: -10
Heir grows up badly: -15
Consort dies: -15
Heir dies: -25

Servant reaches maximum level of profession: +10
Servant reaches level 10 in Cooking, Gardening, Fishing, or Handiness: +20 for each level 10 skill
Servant has child: +10
Servant thinks well of Emperor: +10

Servant child grows up perfectly, but Heir does not: -25
All servants die: -25
Servants die, but at least one remains: -10 per dead servant

Has all above noted rooms: +25
All rooms of house well-decorated: +25
All children rooms filled: +15
Have a pool: +10
Have leisure items outside: +5
Have playground equipment outisde: +5

Fire: -10
Burglary: -25

Pets and MISC
Pet is well taken care of: +10
Pet loves Emperor/Empress: +10
Have 10,000 Simoleans: +10
Have 50,000 Simoleans (stacks with 10k) : +20
Have 100,000 Simoleans (Stacks with 50k and 10k): +30
Old Emperor/Empress dies and Heir takes over: +50

Pet dies (except of old age) : -10

How high can you get your score? There is no time limit, no suggested life stage, but highly suggested to do over one or two generatiors.

11th Aug 2017, 2:25 AM
Please feel free to comment with you thoughts/ideas on the concept or whether you've tried it. :) This took so long to be approved, I was pretty sure it was going to just be denied!!

11th Aug 2017, 9:53 PM
This is such a cool idea!! Putting it on my 'Challenges To Do' list :-D