View Full Version : The best little brothel in Simtopia!

22nd Jul 2017, 9:14 AM
Many moons ago, someone posted the "Brothel" challenge to this here forum. It has been many years, so I think It's high time for an update.

Basic Premise:

A madam and three to five "soiled doves" have come to do business, but they need a cover so they don't get busted.


The Madam: an adult or elder woman, Takes care of the girls, the "establishment", and is the only person in this household allowed to have a full-time job. While she may revert to her "former career" occasionally, this is not her primary concern.

The Working Girls: Three to five Young adult women, they can each have a skill or part-time job to help cover the costs. Unlike the Madam, the oldest profession is their primary profession.

How to play:

1. Establish the household in the world of your choice. Buy a relatively large house so each lady has her own bedroom.
2. Have the girls go out into the world to meet and chat up with men (Or women, if that's what you're into). If you have certain mods, enroll the girls in the proper mod career.
3. Invite the girl's newfound friends into the house for a party, and see how many of the guests can be convinced to join their ladyfriends in private. If a girl "scores", you may hit "Kaching" once, unless you have the adult mods.
4. Meanwhile, the madam has gotten herself situated with her career (Business or Political) and works to make money that way.
5. The girls get either skill or part-time jobs (if not already enrolled in the mod career) to cover their tracks.
6. Eventually, the Madam will buy up properties around town and fix them up to be attractive to prospective clients. Once purchased, the girls can start hanging out there to attract more customers.
7. If the madam manages to woohoo with someone (She is not allowed to be in the mod career) you are not given any financial compensation. She's doing this for pleasure, not for profit.
8. The household is allowed to travel abroad, same rules apply. Similarly, it is permissable to go to University, but the household cannot live in a dorm or sorority. Future is also fair game.
9. If someone in the household gets pregnant, she MUST give the baby up for adoption. (of course, mods can ensure this doesn't happen)
10. If the madam dies, one of the girls must leave her position to take her place.
11. It is permissable to recruit more working girls from around town, but obviously, only young adults or older. (Consent is important people!) You might even add a "working boy" or two, but he is not allowed to marry into the family, he has to move in.
12. If one of the girls falls in love and gets married, she leaves the household with her new husband. She is now free to raise children or get a full-time job.
13. If the Madam gets married, her husband actually gets to move in with her. The Madam and her Husband are not allowed to have children (Unless the Husband already had kids from a previous marriage), but they can both have full-time jobs.
- 13a. If Madam's new husband has kids from a previous marriage, it is advisable to send them off to boarding school. A bordello isn't exactly a good place to raise a family.
14. As this challenge is not designed to be a legacy, the household will fall apart unless new working girls (or boys, if that's your thing) are recruited. There is no "ending" so you can keep this up for as long as you'd like.

Have fun!